How One Conversation Can Completely Change The Way You See A Person

We locked eyes and it hit me. Out of nowhere, this overwhelming sensation took control of me and my mind was transported to new heights.

I had no idea what "it" was at first, but there I was, sitting opposite him and it felt like he could see directly through to my soul.

It started off as a simple conversation, a catch-up. We spoke about family and friends and the usual things that crop up when you reunite with someone you haven’t seen in awhile. However, conversation soon turned to something so alien and far from a "simple chat."

The live band, laughter and sound of other people engaging in personal conversations became the backdrop as we began to discuss dreams, fears, hopes and ambitions.

The entire conversation grew intense, but there were a few moments that I don’t think I could ever fully describe. We were now connected on higher levels.

He knew exactly what I was feeling without me needing to explain. All I needed to do was look at him to know and understand that he, too, was experiencing this inexplicable feeling.

I would start a sentence and he knew where I was taking it. He was describing and explaining things that I had tried, for months, to understand, let alone be able to put into words.

Desires and goals that I had kept to myself for so long were being exposed, but he took them and protected them through this incredible experience that I now call “mind sex.”

Have you ever experienced something similar? Some people experience it a few times in their life and others never do. It seldom happens, but when you know, you know.

It fills you with elation, makes you feel like you have a unique connection and perhaps even, a spiritual one. One that’s above and beyond anything you’ve ever felt before.

Some people experience it with strangers and just a brief moment of eye contact. It can make you feel like you've known a person for your entire life; there is an invisible force between you both that you cannot explain, but you know you are both feel it -- no words necessary.

It’s not necessarily a physical attraction; it’s a lot more powerful than that. It’s something that cannot be avoided or ignored because it draws you together.

Words are powerful — one of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to communicating an emotion or feeling. So, when you embrace someone, amidst this mind-blowing conversation, the words, the way the conversation is flowing and the feeling you have within are all intertwined.

It will give you this magical feeling and bond with the other person that transports you both to new realms that only few have had the pleasure to visit.

The person with whom I shared this experience has confessed that he is not sure if we would be in our current situation had we not shared that one particular moment with each other.

It was something so strong that it would have been careless for us to dismiss it as anything else. Mind sex, or rather, this uncommon connection, doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic connection — you could have it with a friend or a colleague. It is an indescribable bond with someone you know, or don’t.

But, when you make that connection, make sure you acknowledge and appreciate it. Be thankful for it, for knowing this person who is supposed to be part of your life.

You might not know why for days, weeks, months or even years, but keep this person close because he or she can provide you with something special.

Photo via 500 Days Of Summer