Relationships — Here's When Micro-Cheating Is OK And When It's Not
by Kelley Lord

I'm sure you clicked on this article because you are super confident in your relationship. Why else would you reading down the rabbit hole of every type of cheating?

Micro-cheating is a fairly new term for all the small ways you can be unfaithful in a committed relationship without actually physically cheating. A common issue with micro-cheating is it typically can be considered emotional cheating. And emotional cheating usually develops into the physical realm.

An example of micro-cheating would be if you specifically dressed up every time you knew you were going to run into a specific person. It's harmless because it doesn't directly hurt anybody, but it plants the seed of wanting someone else's attention who isn't your significant other.

So, is micro-cheating OK? Below is the scale of from OK, questionable to leave that asshole yesterday.

When It's OK

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A little bit of flirting is healthy for any relationship. Sorry to break it to you, but when you began dating your significant other, the rest of the world didn't turn into ogres. No matter how in love you are, you are going to be attracted to other people.

What matters is how you act upon it. When it comes to micro-cheating, there can't be double standards. For example, if you joke about your sex life with a co-worker, you can't be upset if you find out your partner did the same.

Micro-cheating is OK when you're playfully acting on an attraction in a way that doesn't compromise your relationship.

Anytime you send a text to that person that seems flirty, picture your partner reading it. If they wouldn't be cool with it, it's probably not cool to send.

When It's Questionable

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Micro-cheating is questionable if it starts to make you hide things from each other. If you find yourself telling your significant other you're going out with the guys when you know it's girls and guys, why are you lying?

Sure, there is nothing wrong with hanging out with the opposite sex, but it begs the question: Why would you feel the need to hide it from your significant other?

Is it because your partner doesn't approve of that group of people? Is there a reason your partner doesn't like them or are they just being controlling? Either way, it warrants a deeper discussion.

When It's Not OK

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Micro-cheating is not OK if you have a romantic or sexual past with the person. It's one thing to have harmless fun with someone, but it's another if that line has already been crossed.

I don't care how cool you are with your ex now.

If you micro-cheat with them, you're reigniting the flame.

Pick and choose with whom you micro-cheat with carefully because it's got to be someone with the same understanding that what you're doing is on a friends-only basis.

Otherwise, you've just graduated to macro-cheating... which just means cheating... which means you are scum.

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