People Share How They Met Their SO In College And It’ll Make You Believe In True Love

by Katherine Whitehead

Ever since I was a young girl, I made it a goal to be engaged by college graduation.

When I moved away to attend one of the biggest universities in the South, I had dreams of meeting that special someone and earning not just a degree, but also a lifetime of romance.

I'd meet my future husband in class, a club event or through friends, and he'd ask for my hand in marriage by the time we walked across the stage four years later.

I found myself swooning over the engagement pictures of my friends and fellow classmates, wondering when it would finally be my turn. They were all getting married already or getting proposed to.

But the truth is, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find our special someones.

In a world full of the latest and greatest social media platforms, many of us are taking to the internet to find love. With dating apps, such as Tinder and Bumble, the world of matchmaking took a turn.

To add to the dating stress, much of society is starting to turn back the clock when it comes to love. Marriage was (and still is) something expected of women, especially those living in the South. Family gatherings were full of people asking whom I was dating, how exclusive I was with guys and how much longer until someone finally put a ring on it.

With more and more people getting married at young ages, many felt the pressure to spend their college years looking for a spouse.

And while I had met a few guys in college and went on a few dates, I was still unable to find that special someone I had spent my whole childhood wishing on stars for.

However, these couples defied the odds, proving it is still possible to find that special someone in college. Here, they share their stories:

1. We lived down the hall from each other.

We lived down the hallway from each other and met on move-in day at a dorm. We went to a party together later that week, and he nonchalantly grabbed my hand. We dated for a couple months, broke up and got back together the following August (first day of move-in sophomore year). We got married seven years later.

— Violet, 32

2. We met on Reddit.

I actually met my husband on Reddit. He put out an ad in search of friends close to where I lived, so I replied to his post, thinking I would gain another friend. We talked for a few weeks and finally agreed to meet up and hang out. The moment we met, we automatically clicked. We talked about anything and everything. I got butterflies every time we held hands. Everything moved pretty fast, and we moved in together after that. We've been married for two months now, after being together for two years, and I've never been happier.

— Rachel, 26

3. We met while our friends were dating.

We were both a wingman/woman for our best friends who liked each other. We were dragged along on a couple of dates to make it less awkward for them. We ended up getting married, and they only dated for six months.

— Mary, 27

4. His music brought us together.

We met sophomore year while living across the hall in a co-ed dorm. He was always playing guitar — the same song over and over. I got so aggravated, so I put a note under his door about how terrible it was: 'Please learn a new song!' We dated for four years before getting married, and now, we're coming up on 19 years.

— Brenda, 44

5. We met on the internet.

OkCupid actually! Our campus was so big, and we had different majors. We probably would have never met each other without it. It was really great because we kind of both knew what we were interested in before the first date. It was better that way instead of meeting some guy you don't know anything about at a bar. It gives women more freedom to choose what kind of guy they want.

— Allison, 27

6. We were in the same class.

We met in an elective class at the college we both went to — same major but different minors. This was part of his minor, and I took the class for fun. I got more than I expected, happily. We will be married in September.

— Olivia, 24

7. We met on Craigslist.

Craigslist. Now, I know that sounds creepy, but it really wasn't. We lived about a mile apart off campus and met for dinner at a restaurant nearby.

— Harry, 26

8.  I swiped right.

OK, so we met on Tinder. I always thought it was kind of silly. I was never into online dating stuff. But my friends and I were playing around with it, and I started talking to this one girl who went to my school. We hit it off and met up at a restaurant near our college. She was even more beautiful in person. That night, I knew I would marry that girl. A year later, we're engaged.

— Ben, 25

9. We met a frat party.

I met my husband at a mixer with another fraternity. I was actually talking to a different guy who was drunk and falling around everywhere, and my current husband came over to get him off me. We talked all night, and then, we both drove the guy home before we went to Sonic for milkshakes. He asked for my number that night, and the rest is history.

— Kendra, 26

10. I convinced her to study with me.

She was gorgeous. I was in the back corner of the room, and she was in the middle. Even from that angle, I could tell how beautiful she was. She always wore one of those old-fashioned Cubs emblem hats with the bear and the bat. I was a grown man, going back for a second degree, already with a good career, and even then, I was intimidated. I remember thinking day after day, 'How do I start up a conversation with her?' One day, as I walked into class, I overheard her talking about glassblowing. I thought, 'I watch PBS! I can come up with something about glass blowing!' I knew literally nothing about glassblowing other than it looked hot. As we left class that day, I stopped her and said, 'Hey, I overheard you saying something about glassblowing? I've always thought that was really neat.'
We chatted for a few minutes and went on our separate ways, and I was practically floating on cloud nine. Then, she didn't come back to class for a month, and disappointment abounded. I was walking to class one day, and I saw her! She was studying on a MacBook. ANOTHER CHANCE! I walked up to her and said, 'Hey! I haven't seen you for a while. Did you know we have a test this week?' I offered to help her study, and she accepted. We met at the library late that night. We studied until the library closed and went back to her place to keep studying. We studied all night, and she made me breakfast. I went home so excited for the future the next morning. We went out on a real date a few days later. She's still beautiful, but I never did learn much about glassblowing.

— Doc, 32

11. We were at a house party.

I met her at a Super Bowl party freshman year. One friend lived in a house, so a big group of us were so glad to get out of the dorms for a party. I got there, and there were all these women I'd not met before, so it was, like, wow! I talked to this one girl with beautiful eyes a fair amount, and she seemed to be interested in me, too. She was helping cook burgers using the broiler, and she pulled them out, spilled some grease and caught the oven on fire. So naturally, I thought, this is the woman for me! OK, so that's the funny way I tell the tale. But she's actually very gifted at cooking.

— Brian, 29

This article was originally published on The Southern Chic.