5 Reasons Men With Sisters Have An Advantage When It Comes To Dating

by Shireen McCleary

In a relationship, you hit certain milestones with one another as the two of you progress down the road of love. It's exciting as you peel away layers and reveal the real person hiding at the center.

However, as a woman, it can still be a little nerve-wracking to relax and show your natural side to the guy you're dating. You know the side I'm talking out: the one that's not always perfectly made up, the one without a single flyaway and no wine stains on your clothes.

This is not even factoring in the different personality traits he's going to see as you get to know each other more: your short temper, your evil alter-ego that comes out once a month and those FBI-worthy skills of social media creepiness you possess. You know that side.

But guys who have grown up with sisters are preconditioned to take these nutty bits of the women they're with in stride. Here are five reasons why guys who grew up with sisters make the best kinds of boyfriends:

1. They understand women are a tad dramatic.

Some call it mood swings. Some know it as the turbulence of being a woman.

We have constantly fluctuating hormones that literally make us feel like we have different personalities with each changing direction of the wind. Guys with sisters know women can be a bit emotional.

Sometimes, we cry because there was a cute video on Facebook that showed us dogs reuniting with their owners. Sometimes, we cry because our co-worker threw us under the bus during a meeting. Sometimes, we get misty just because our hair hurts from it being in a ponytail all day.

No, it's not PMS. Sometimes, we just want to cry, scream, laugh or be grumpy.

One minute, we'll be the sweetest, most angelic creatures you've ever seen. The next minute, you'll swear you saw flames shooting out from our ears because of an innocuous comment you made.

The thing is, we don't know how to control our moods. Guys who grew up sharing a bathroom with an active volcano already understand how to be around a woman who is going through her many moods by the hour.

It prepared them to be around women and go with the flow. For those of you who have not been blessed with sisters, the lesson to be learned here is to just let us live and stop trying to figure us out. We're nothing like your brothers.

2. They know when to fight back, and when to let her win.

She's mad at you. You might think you know why, but she might not have a rational reason as to why she's using that shrill voice on you and bringing up old arguments in order to add fuel to the fire of your current fight.

When brothers fight, they duke it out then and there. Then, the issue is over and done with. It's forgotten as quickly as it started. The two of you go back to farting and playing video games together.

When you're fighting with a woman, you'd better grab yourself a banana and water bottle. It's time to settle in for some drawn-out mental warfare. It doesn't matter that perhaps you were right. She will always win a fight. She grew up with her dad always taking her side when she fought with her brother, and he got the blame for her crying, even if she started it.

Don't expect to understand why this is happening. Just know that at the end of a fight with your lady, there will be kisses instead of bruises. That's how we fight. Guys with sisters are well aware of this.

3. A brother has seen how gross women are.

Contrary to what guys see on Instagram, women are not delicate, hairless fairies without bags under their eyes and with blemish-free skin that sparkles. That's make-up and contouring.

As for those manufactured scents of flowers and bunnies, just ask our brothers: Women smell bad. Sometimes, showering just feels like too much work, and staying in our favorite sweats that haven't been washed in a while is preferable.

That long, glossy hair you love running your hands through? At home, it is everywhere. Always. A woman's house literally has a second carpet from all the hair she has shed.

As soon as you live with a girl, you'll see. Drains get clogged, vacuum bags overflow and the area under your bed shouldn't be explored without a hazmat suit.

Other mysteries that I've demystified for you: Women have bad breath, they burp, they eat until they have Buddha bellies, and they can just be disgusting overall. But when it's go time, we know how to transform into the magical fairy princess you fell for over cocktails.

4. A good guy values his sisters' opinions of the women he dates.

Guys with sisters generally pick better women to be with in the long run. I mean, come on: They had a 20-year head start understanding women.

The really smart brothers will vet the girl they're getting serious about with their sisters before they bring her to meet the rest of the family. Because if your sister doesn't like your new lady, chances are, she's getting kicked to the curb.

Could you imagine Thanksgiving down the road with your wifey fighting with your sister? Nope, it'll never work out.

Why should you trust your sister? Just like how she helped you hide your pot from your parents in high school, she will continue to have your back, no matter how old you get. You can trust she'll make sure you pick a good woman who knows just how awesome you are and loves every side of you, just like she does.

She always has your best interests in mind. That is, unless you're debating who the favorite child is.

5. He respects women.

The best kind of guy is the one who grew up protecting his sister on the playground, but was also bossed around by her. It doesn't even matter if he's older: Sisters always win the arguments. Don't you remember that we have dad on our side?

By their very nature, guys with sisters have a different of level of respect for women. Why act like a jerk to a girl when you know some guy could be screwing over your sister with that same sh*tty behavior?

Yeah. Not cool, bro. Luckily, you know how to appreciate a woman and treat her well, since your sister is so damn cool.