7 Guys Reveal What All Men Truly Want For Valentine's Day

by Stacey Leasca

Valentine's Day, as everyone knows, is the day to celebrate the life of the many saints named Valentine, including Saint Valentine of Rome, who, according to legend, performed illegal weddings to soldiers who were banned from marriage.

It is a great day of feast and prayer... right?

HAHA no, no, just kidding.

As everyone knows, Valentine's Day is about chocolate, sex and horrifically uncomfortable lingerie (hint: nobody wants that pearl thong).

Sure, shopping for the lady in your life is easy; just go with jewelry, flowers or a nice dinner on the town and you'll likely be safe, but what about men? Men, aka the hardest gender to shop for, prefer something a little different from the ladies.

Check out what a few of the men of Reddit say they want for the lovers' holiday.

"I want to spend the day with my girlfriend and have a nice time."

Marija Savic

Well, this is adorable. Good for you, but your girlfriend is going to spend the next two weeks thinking about what to get you, so perhaps giving her a hint would be nice.

Our Suggestion: Tickets to his favorite band or sporting event.

"Idk some crazy chocolate. Last year had gotten these artisanal chocolates from Kentucky where each one was made with a different bourbon from the region."

Recipe: The Almond Eater

Yum! A man after our own heart.

Our Suggestion: Up the ante by making him these Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Cookies. Nothing says "love" like homemade cookies infused with booze.

"I want to go on a date with someone. Idc who, a girl who likes me or a girl who's into me."

Kristin Rogers Photography

Don't we all, sir, don't we all.

Our Suggestion: First, go on Tinder. Next, swipe right. Grab a gal and head out on the town.

Drinks, nothing fancy; you did just meet on an app after all. But, if you're the girl, offer to buy a round or two.

"What do I ever want? A nice meal and a couple of drinks is fine."


Well, at least we can say one thing for most men: They certainly are easy to please.

Our Suggestion: Try out a service like Blue Apron, which delivers meal-ready food directly to your door. Get that home-cooked vibe without all the work.

"A vinyl (that's what I'm getting she's not good at hiding things)."

While it sucks this guy already knows, it's sweet his lady companion got him exactly what he wanted.

Our Suggestion: If your man is into vinyl too, check out InSound, a site dedicated to the sale and collection of vinyl records.


Same, bro, same. Wine is the gift that keeps on giving.

Our Suggestion: A wine of the month club. While there are wine clubs aplenty, we suggest Club W. It first allows you to input your tastes, creates a palate profile and sends you wine based on the things you (or your man) like.

"Enthusiastic companionship."


We think he means sex.

Our suggestion: Do it. Do it good. It is Valentine's Day after all.