Men Who Had A "Sugar Momma" Reveal Exactly What It Was Like

When I hear the term "sugar momma," I'd be lying if I said my first thought wasn't the sassy grandma with bunions on The Proud Family.

C'mon, you remember her.

If you don't, it's this chick dancing in the robe:

Anyway, for those of you who didn't grow up watching The Proud Family, we're all clear on what a "sugar momma" really is: an older woman whom a young guy dates, usually for money or other forms of compensation. A sort of cougar, if you will.

We hear plenty these days from female sugar babies, who form relationships with older men (often for money), but let's switch it up a bit for a minute and hear from dudes who've been seeing older women for their money.

A recent Reddit thread asked guys who've had sugar mommas to explain what it was like, the pros and cons, and what made them end things or continue things.

Read along and find out exactly what the relationships between these guys and their sugar mommas were (and for some, still are) like.

She made him feel used.

His relationship with her was "heaven."

He married his sugar momma.

It got weird after a while for this guy.

This guy's sugar momma cheated on him.

And this guy cheated on his sugar momma.

All right, fellas, time to find a lady twice your age with millions in the bank to shower you with.