Kate Daigneault

Men Reveal Dumb Things They've Done To Impress A Girl


When you really like someone, odds are, you'll go out of your way to try and get their attention.

That's not to say you can necessarily make them like you back, but you can at least try to sway their decision with a little effort on your part.

Despite just wanting to be yourself and playing it cool, we all know that never actually works. You'll probably need to do something that really catches their eye and makes you stand out.

Unfortunately, that usually means stepping out of your own comfort zone and taking part in some dumb things you probably hate or know nothing about.

But just how dumb are we talking?

A handful of gentlemen took to Reddit to reveal the things they've done to impress someone they were interested in that actually worked.

Being stupid can pay off, after all!

Sometimes, all it takes is some good conversation and black hair dye.

Who knew eating unhealthy amounts of imitation butter could be such a turn on?

This guy's dishwashing skills as a teenager earned him a girlfriend.

All you need is that one common thread to catch a girl's eye... even if that thread happens to be scaly reptiles.

This guy's long rant to a girl about coffee flavors ended up working in his favor.

If you boast about your advanced tongue skills, women will line up at your door.

If a girl tells you to get something pierced, you do it... even if it hurts like hell.

A casual trip to your public library could end up getting you a nice date.

There's just something about quick fingers during a "Guitar Hero" set that makes a lady all hot and bothered.

This guy flew from one country to another, all for the sake of a girl he met.

If you want to impress a girl, just do an endless amount of muscle-throbbing pushups.

Looks are great and all, but showing off your book smarts can be sexy, too.

Girls love a guy who can dance, even if it's through an instructional video game.

But if you really want to impress a girl, just come to her rescue by punching another guy in the face.

So maybe "bullrushing" doesn't exactly work for everyone, but hey, to each his own.

Whatever it takes to grab her attention, right, guys?

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