Men Reveal Their Biggest Turn-Offs In Women That Most People Find Attractive

by Sean Abrams

Everyone has their preferences, and last I checked, this is America, a free country (well, for now, at least) where there's no rule that everyone has to have the same opinions.

So if you're looking at that from a dating perspective, there could be a plethora of things one person might find appealing or attractive, while someone else believes that quality to be a complete and utter turn-off.

Whether it's a certain hair color, a style of clothing or even a particular nationality, people just seem to like or dislike certain things, usually with no real justification behind it.

If you only date Asians, live your life. If you can't stand people who wear flip flops... well, there's probably a club you can join for that.

To drive this point home, a handful of gentlemen took to Reddit to express exactly what they find unattractive in women that most guys usually fawn over:

This guy finds the "blonde bombshell" look to be a turn-off.

A heavy, red lip just doesn't do it for this guy.

This guy hates women who look too fake.

If you're inked up, it's a no-go for this guy.

This guy hates that permanent, pouty face.

Elite Daily/20th Century Fox

Apparently, a big chest is a total turn-off for this guy.

This guy wants a woman to be powerful, not fragile.

Let your hair flow, and stay away from hats, ladies.

Turns out, big butts can lie.

Don't get too tan if you plan on dating this guy.

All of these men clearly have very strong opinions about what they find unattractive, which is totally OK. You don't have to like everyone.

Some people just find a Vitamin D deficiency sexy. There ain't nothing wrong with that.

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