Men Reveal How Long They Wait Before Making It Exclusive With Someone

by Candice Jalili

So you and your... ugh, WTF do you even call him? A hook-up buddy? A friend with benefits?... WHATEVER he is have been hooking up for a while now.

You really like him, and you're pretty sure he really likes you back.

But you guys haven't really talked about what you're doing at all... which wouldn't be a big deal if you had any idea whether or not you're allowed to be hooking up with other people!

It's like, you don't want to be turning down other options like a total idiot if he's out there getting his freak on with a bunch of other girls. But is it too soon for you guys to become exclusive? Is it too late?!

Read along as guys from Reddit admit exactly how long they like to wait before they become exclusive:

He waits for her to bring it up.

He waits until they're official.

He waits longer for girls he met online.

He waits as long as it takes.

He waits until he doesn't want her hooking up with anyone else.

He waits for three dates.

He waits at least a month.

He waits until someone else gets in the picture.

He waits under a month.

He waits until they have sex.

He doesn't wait at all.

Wanna know what I think? If you want to be exclusive, just bite the bullet and SAY something. I have a feeling he probably feels the same way.