Men Confess Why They Keep Their Guards Up In Relationships For So Long

by Jamie LeeLo
Matt and Tish

Men get a bad rap as being the less emotionally intelligent sex, and it's super common to hear a woman make statements like, "He's emotionally unavailable."

While this reputation around men is a little unfair, what we're getting at when we say you're emotionally unavailable is, sometimes, guys, it's just hard to get a read on you. Why are you keeping your guard up so much in your relationships?

Reddit user KatCole7 took to the internet to pose the question, "Guys who haven't yet let their guard down in a relationship, what are you waiting for?"

Their responses are not what I expected, and mainly have one thing in common... they're afraid.

Here are some of their responses:

They're afraid of what you'll think about them.

They're afraid it will cause you to break up.

Women have acted disgusted in reaction to their emotions.

They've been hurt in the past for opening up.

The risk isn't worth the reward.

Come on, guys! We can't all be bad!

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