Men Will F*ck Anything That Moves, Women Will F*ck Whoever Moves Them

by Alexia LaFata

When it comes to sex, men are quite simple -- at least that's what all my guy friends have told me whenever I complain to them about my love life.

In my experience, it appears as though men are really good at separating sex from love -- and as I've stated time and time again, I'm really bad at that.

Even my fellow female friends who aren't as romantic as me feel similarly to me -- their cynicism has stemmed from the fact that they've opened up to the possibility of sex leading to something more, only to have a man shut them down and crush their dreams.

I hate to generalize the ways men and women handle romance, but it's hard not to: Based on modern day definitions of femininity and masculinity, women are allowed to display their emotions and men are forced to suppress them, so it's no secret that this has led to a culture in which men and women operate differently when it comes to sex.

Women can't help but involve their emotions in everything, mainly because we've been given permission to.

And sex can easily become one of the many things that get complicated by emotions.

Men, on the other hand, are good at keeping emotions down and separating them from their everyday life, mainly because they've been told to.

While all humans are capable of rationalizing, women tend to think with their heads and their hearts, whereas men tend to think with their heads and their dicks -- and this is an important difference that ensures both men and women will have vastly different romantic and sexual experiences.

Men operate on a scale of zero to one; women operate on a scale of one to 10.

A lot of men I know operate on an interesting scale.

Because a man is basically guaranteed to get off during sex, he usually bases his attraction to a woman on a scale of one or zero: Would I f*ck this chick or not?

On the other hand, women operate with nuance. We operate on a one-to-10 scale, and we'll factor in things like sense of humor and personality when we're debating how attracted we are to a man.

Immediately, this complicates the situation, forcing us to confront the idea that maybe, just maybe, we could see this guy as something more than just a f*ck-and-chuck.

And once we actually have sex with him, that idea becomes amplified because of the differences in how vaginas and dicks respond to sex.

Men have easy sex; women have complicated sex.

Men really are simple. Biologically, their d*cks can orgasm from literally any form of stimulation.

Women, however, are complicated. Our vaginas need a whole 45 minutes to get warmed up and finish, if we do at all.

All of this makes a man and a woman's romantic experiences vastly different.

Whether a man is having sex with a woman or masturbating, the physical sensation of the orgasm -- the intensity, the length of time it takes to finish and more -- won't change that much. It'll feel good no matter what emotions he feels toward said woman.

But for a woman, the intensity of an orgasm and the time an orgasm actually lasts can change dramatically from sexual experience to sexual experience based on how she feels about the guy she's f*cking.

Her orgasm can scratch the surface of pleasure or come from deep within her soul -- and she knows the only way she'll reach that intense orgasm is if she actually feels something.

Sure, a woman can still enjoy the sex without the feelings, but the potential for how good the sex can be is her incentive for wanting more out of the sexual experience.

Men will f*ck anything that moves; women f*ck those who move them -- but at a cost.

I told my male friend I feel bad for him because he'll never experience a female orgasm. He agreed.

He'll never know what the mere act of loving someone just a little bit more will do for a woman's vagina. He'll never know how much love and affection can amplify an orgasm to astronomically high sensations.

The fact that us women think with both our heads and our hearts allow us to have wonderfully intoxicating sexual experiences.

With the potential for an intoxicating sexual experience, however, comes the risk that sex will hurt us.

This is a huge disconnect between men and women. Thanks to social and biological factors, men and women don't always see eye to eye when it comes to sexual experiences.

Men can be satisfied with just an easy sex session, but a woman can have better sex when there are feelings present.