Here's Why Guys Never Open Up About Their Emotions Around You

I'm not too great with opening up about my own emotions, so I can't really be too hard on dudes who aren't great at opening up about their emotions.

That being said, the whole "men not being able to open up" stereotype isn't completely unfounded.

Most people who have interacted with any male at one point or another have wondered to themselves, "What in the actual world is going through his head, and WHY will he not just tell me about it?"

Then, you're forced to wonder, "Does he actually just not feel any emotions or is he just not telling me about it?"

Well, a recent Reddit thread asked dudes to answer why they never open up about their emotions, and their responses are sometimes heartfelt, sometimes boneheaded, and always interesting.

So stop with your wondering and read for yourself what these guys have to say on the matter firsthand.

They're crying on the inside.

Why bother being in a bad mood if it "bumms" you out, amiright?

He's from a special town where boys don't have dumb things like "emotions."

This guy blames society.

His feelings are none of your beeswax, so HOP OFF.

He doesn't want to burden anybody with his feelings.

He values "stoicism and rationality."

He only built his walls up after he'd been hurt.

He just doesn't like talking about them.

He wasn't always like this.

This guy "sincerely [does] not give a f*ck."

He'd rather keep his thoughts to himself.

He doesn't want to look weak.

He knows his emotions will be fine if he just rides them out.

And, finally, this:

So, ignoring all the dumb losers who claim they have no emotions, I guess the problem is, men don't feel like they can tell anyone how they feel — maybe because they've been taught that displaying emotions as a man is frowned upon.

If you want your guy to open up to you more, give him time, and try to show him that being open about your emotions is a normal thing for everyone to do.