While onstage at CinemaCon, Olivia Wilde was served custody papers.
20 Wild Memes About Olivia Getting Served Custody Papers Onstage

I guess she *should* worry, darling.


Apparently, onstage interruptions are in this spring. On April 27, Olivia Wilde presented her new film Don’t Worry Darling at CinemaCon. (The movie, which stars Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, is widely believed to be where Wilde’s romance with Styles first started.) But Wilde’s speech was abruptly disrupted when she was surprised with an envelope labeled as “personal and confidential.” The contents? Not an unsolicited script like she suspected. Apparently, Wilde was served custody papers from ex and co-parent Jason Sudeikis — and the memes about this awkward encounter are out of control.

“This is for me? Is this a script?” Wilde said after receiving the envelope. She looked over the papers, which multiple outlets have reported were legal documents pertaining to the custody of Wilde and Sudeikis’ children, Otis and Daisy. Wilde recovered quickly though. “OK, got it. Thank you,” she said before continuing with her speech.

But why was she served during her onstage presentation? A source claimed to People, “Papers were drawn up to establish jurisdiction relating to the children of Ms. Wilde and Mr. Sudeikis.” But that doesn’t mean that Sudeikis orchestrated the public spectacle. The insider continued, “Mr. Sudeikis had no prior knowledge of the time or place that the envelope would have been delivered as this would solely be up to the process service company involved and he would never condone her being served in such an inappropriate manner.”

Even if there was no ill-intent from Sudeikis, the uncomfortable moment captured the petty heart of Twitter, and these memes are incredible (if a little ruthless).

This Tweet About Watching This Go Down

As if Sudeikis’ brilliance wasn’t already immortalized by his performance in Ted Lasso, this moment made it clear he’s a genius comedian. (Or if you believe the sources, his process server is.)

This Tweet About The Process Server

Do you think they had stage fright?

This Tweet About The Onstage Dynamics

This process server is the moment.

This Tweet About Olivia’s Reaction

TBH, Wilde actually handled the situation like a total pro. (In the future, though, I have a feeling she won’t open mystery envelopes onstage.)

This Ted Lasso Reference

If you don’t understand this reference, it’s time to turn on Season 1, Episode 8 of Ted Lasso.

This Tweet About Olivia’s Disappearing Act

According to Twitter, process servers typically resort to these public moments only when they keep getting dodged. But a family law attorney told People that was giving Sudeikis major benefit of the doubt. “If you're going to go to that sort of extreme length to [serve papers] publicly, to do it in an embarrassing way, I can't see the client not knowing about it,” he said.

This Tweet About Blaming Jason

Again, the consensus seems to be that Wilde must have ignored the process server repeatedly for this to happen. (This is your sign to stop ignoring your emails.)

This Tweet About The Drama Of It All

Make no mistake: If there is love triangle (or even love triangle-adjacent) drama, I will be tuning in.

This Tweet About It Being A Spectator Sport

It looks like most of Twitter is on #TeamSudeikis.

This Tweet About Not Finding It Funny

I’m not laughing, you’re laughing!

This Tweet About What It Means To *Serve*

10/10 word play.

This Mean Girls Comparison

Whatever the process server’s disguise was, it worked. Following the incident, Mitch Neuhauser, managing director of the National Association of Theatre Owners and head of CinemaCon, announced that they are going to “re-evaluate [their] security protocols” to “protect the integrity of [their] studio partners and the talent,” per The Hollywood Reporter.

This Tweet About Ted Lasso’s Villain

I totally believe that Nate was behind this spectacle.

This Tweet About Recognizing The Process Server

Do I think Wilde recognized the process server? No. Do I wish she had an awkward moment like this? Absolutely.

This Tweet About Being On Team Ted

It’s hard not to root for someone with that impressive of a mustache.

This Tweet About Giving Jason All The Credit

Sometimes legal teams are the real comedians. Here’s hoping this process server tries stand-up next!

This Tweet About Being Blissfully Unaware

IDK what narrative I like more—Sudeikis being the mastermind behind this moment or him having zero idea that this was about to happen. (Also, let’s be clear, the cheating rumors are just that — rumors.)

This Reference To “As It Was”

Was that Styles lyric the breaking point for Sudeikis’ legal team? I believe it.

This Tweet About Jason’s Power

Remember what I said about Twitter being on Team Sudeikis? Here’s more proof.

This Tweet About The Process Server Being An Icon

I firmly believe that they’re going to start assigning security to all stage stairs from this point on.

Here’s hoping the process server behind this moment is still employed!