This Is What It Really Means When Your Crush Watches Your Snap Story

by Candice Jalili

Apparently, according to Mashable, there's a new revolutionary Snapchat feature that lets you see if your crush is into you. Seeing as I'm a sex and dating writer who has both a Snapchat account and a crush (like, could I BE more perfect for this piece?), I was STOKED to write about this. What could this new innovative filter possibly be and how can I use it immediately?

So I'm skimming through the article like a madwoman trying to get to the bottom line when I finally find it: "And, there it is: a notification to tell me that my crush has already viewed my Snap Story."


The writer elaborates, "This notification might not sound like much, but, to me -- and anyone else with a crush -- it's the modern day version of a love note; a little nudge that says 'I like you'; the Facebook poke of 2016."

OK, what? I'm sorry, but I completely disagree.

First and foremost, being able to see who watched your story is not a new and innovative feature; it's been around forever. Second, YOUR CRUSH WATCHING YOUR SNAP STORY LITERALLY MEANS NOTHING.

And the author of this article isn't the first person I've come across who seems to buy into this common misconception. I feel like at least once a week I hear someone telling me about a crush or an ex watching their story as if this is some sort of relevant information to help measure whether or not this guy is into them.

And I don't blame them for it, either. I even find myself falling in the trap from time to time and reading a little too heavily into who watched my Snap story. When you like someone you want to read into every and any sign that the person shares your same feelings, it's natural.

But here's the deal, while the boy who went to your profile and pressed the "poke" button circa 2008 was making a conscious effort to flirt with you, watching your story takes literally zero effort. In fact, with the most recent feature making you automatically move on to the next story, I would even say that it takes more of an effort from the person to not watch your story.

Yes, that's right. I would go so far as to say that the pathetic loser going out of his way to not watch your story is way more into you than the guy mindlessly scrolling through your story of you and your friends looking hot at bottle service just like he scrolled through his freshman year roommate who always had the bagel bites for dinner's story of his dog, Alfie.

I mean, is the guy reaching out to you after he sees the Snap story of you and your friends? Is he texting you? Sending some sort of Snap in response? Maybe then we have something to work off. But if he literally just watched your story, I am going to go ahead and call that absolutely irrelevant information.

I'm sorry. I hate to be the bearer of bad news here. But rest assured, there are plenty of other old-fashioned ways to see if your crush is into you. Does he talk to you? Does he want to hang out with you? Does he SAY HE LIKES YOU? All great signs.

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