Dress like Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly this Halloween.

Dress Like Megan Fox And MGK This Halloween To Turn Up The Heat

If you're feeling more smitten and sexy than spooky...

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Real talk: MGK and Megan Fox have to be one of the hottest couples... like, ever. So who better to dress as this Halloween? No matter what your Oct. 31 plans involve, dressing in an MGK and Megan couples costume for Halloween is one way to elevate your night and make a statement. And, since most of their appeal (and steamy reputation) comes from their IDGAF attitude, the actual costume — at least, the clothing aspect — will not be too tricky to nail down.

The MGK and Megan outfits are pretty straightforward; they both tend to pick simple, sexy statement pieces for their outings, especially their red carpet appearances. You can thank Kelly for their bold couple style. In Sept. 2021, Megan told the New York Post that she’s “heavily influenced by whatever [MGK] pulls out of his closet,” especially because he’s (in her words) “always wearing something insane.”

That said, they never set out to be “matching.” According to Megan, “That’s just how it flowed.” (Is having a similar taste in clothes also part of being twin flames? LMK.)

Since becoming lovers and fashion icons, this MGK and Megan have picked out one daring outfit after another. With that in mind, the most difficult part of executing this costume is probably choosing which of this duo’s iconic appearances you want to copy. To help narrow it down, here’s some Halloween costume inspo to get you started.

MGK & Megan Fox’s Billboard Appearance

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When MGK and Megan appeared at the Billboard Music Awards, they did not shy away from showing off their romance. The good news is that their outfits are pretty basic — if you have a black dress you’re willing to rip up and a black blazer in your closet, you’ve already got the basics of this look down.

But if you want to embrace this costume 100% (and feel like spending some Halloween cash), you can also go on a gothic-themed shopping spree. Keep in mind that the most important piece of this costume is actually black food coloring to help you achieve that black tongue.

Their iHeartRadio Music Awards Appearance

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If you feel like going for a more elaborate costume this year but still want to capture this power couple’s vibe, think about emulating their red carpet walk at the iHeart Radio Music Awards. Fox’s pink satin jumpsuit was a moment, and, it paired perfectly with MGK’s silver suit. They just look so shiny together — I can’t help but love it.

Their VMAs Appearance

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I still have not recovered from Megan and MGK’s 2021 VMAs appearance. So if making a ~wow~ impression is your Halloween goal, look no further. This costume is memorable and hot (two of the most important qualifications for Halloween costumes, IMO). Plus, it’s not too difficult to make this costume happen.

For Megan, just find yourself a sheer dress. For MGK, a red suit (extra points if it is bedazzled!) is a necessity. Add some strategically placed body glitter — this couple is nothing if not glowing — and you’re all set.

Whether you’re staying in or going out (or doing a little bit of both), these Megan and MGK couples costume options will make it difficult to keep your hands off each other. But that’s just part of getting into character!

One thing’s for sure: dressing up like Megan and MGK for Halloween is the perfect way to guarantee you have a steamy night ahead of you — tricks and treats included.