7 Ways Nothing Compares To Loving And Being Loved By An Artist

by Kelly Wright

Musicians, painters, writers and graphic designers have much more in common than the fact that they are super creative and can produce cool things with their fingers.

Artists are a unique breed who certainly cannot be over-generalized, but definitely do express similar traits.

Ever met one who's good at math?

And, being an artist isn’t just a mindset, it’s a way of life.

If you’re brave enough to fall in love with one, there are definitely a few things you should be prepared for.

Take, for example, the fact that the apple of your eye will view the world in a completely different way than you do 75 percent of the time.

It’s part of the allure and it’s part of the problem(s).

Allow me to explain:

You’ll become someone’s muse.

Because inspiration doesn’t just fall out of the sky, and you are basically the sun in your artist-lover’s universe.

It’s been said by some unknown genius that “if a writer falls in love with you, you can never die,and I’m willing to bet the same holds true for any other type of artist.

You’ll either be featured in or will be the source of inspiration for more pieces of art than you’ll ever truly know.

And that’s definitely a perk, especially if you’re in a relationship with a really good artist. Just think, you could be the next Marie-Thérèse Walter.

You will be asked for your opinion, and it will be ignored.

Your significant other will want to know what you think about many things, from hair-cuts, all the way to the depth of the comedic reach of his or her latest piece.

Expect to provide an opinion, but don’t expect it to be truly considered.

Even if you hate the last five paragraphs of that essay he or she just asked you to critique, your partner will totally not change a single word.

Accept it and know that your opinion is truly appreciated.


You will be leaned on for comfort… a lot.

You’ll need to listen to her vent about getting overcharged for an oil-change and be the shoulder she cries on when a piece gets rejected again.

When you’re in love with an artist, you can generally expect your significant other will need you to be constantly and thoroughly emotionally present.

A plus: You can expect to always have a shoulder to lean on, as well.

Empathy is a trait of all artists at a certain level, and you will reap the benefits.

You will have to give him/her space… a lot.

All artists often need a little time alone to be inside of their own heads, whether they know it or not.

You’ll learn when to recognize that it’s time to go watch Netflix in the other room very, very quickly…

… And you’ll also learn that he or she will more than likely be out on the couch with you in about 15 minutes.

A little time alone goes a long way.

You won’t get bored.

Even if the two of you never leave the house, you’ll never run out of things to do. One of the greatest perks of dating an artist is the endless creativity he or she produces.

What a type A person sees as just a rainy day, an artist sees as an opportunity.

You will get confused.

Not every fight will make sense, and you’ll more than likely be randomly forgiven without notice.

The mind of an artist is a tricky place that often isn’t even understood by its owner/operator.

Enjoy the make-up sex and hang in there; some days, it will be a bumpy ride.

You’ll love more intensely than you have before.

It’s not just the fights that can get crazy; be prepared to reach a deeper level of love in this relationship than you may have ever known before.

Artists are emotionally-charged creatures who feel everything to their cores. You’ll find yourself consumed by that super-charged energy, as well.

Loving and being loved by an artist is a vividly all-consuming journey that requires a delicate touch.

It’s bound to be an incredibly rewarding relationship, so long as you can put up with both the good and the bad.

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