7 Things I Absolutely Love About Being In A Long Distance Relationship

by Anaies
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Many people will say long-distance relationships are full of difficulties because of all the possible issues you and your partner may encounter while you're apart.

However, people don't often recognize the beauty behind the long-distance relationship.  I have been in one for years now, so allow me to share with you the fascinating things about being in one:

1. Every moment becomes precious for the both of you.

Since time is a major hindrance for LDR couples, they grab every opportunity they can to spend every second with each other. They appreciate and value every moment they have with one another, no matter how little and simple.

Everything they do together is cherished because LDR couples can't see each other whenever they want to.

2. Your goals become long-term ones.

LDR couples don't mind going the extra mile and putting in more effort when it comes to achieving their goals because they know they will truly be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

This allows LDR couples to provide for each other better once they are finally together.

3. You learn great qualities such as patience, understanding and sacrifice.

It's definitely harder to deal with misunderstandings and disappointments in long-distance relationships because you can't always receive the things you want. For example, routines often change due to adjustments of personal schedules, and plans suddenly get canceled.

Therefore, it is important that LDR couples learn how to be more patient with one another when arguments arise AND understand the other's perspective when disagreements happen.

To have a successful LDR, you need to communicate properly and rationally. You often also need to sacrifice your “me time” in order to make the most of the time you DO have together.

4. You always feel giddy when you see your significant other.

Since LDR couples rarely get to spend time with one another in person, they always feel as if they're seeing their partners for the first time whenever they get the chance to meet up.

And once they're finally together, that feeling of excitement never really goes away. They'll always be grateful to finally see one another every single day.

5. You learn that distance makes you miss your significant other more each day.

Counting the days they aren't together makes LDR couples miss each other more.

Some people might say LDR couples are “used to” being apart. But little do they know that the longer LDR couples are away from each other, the more they yearn for their partners.

6. Altruism is the key to a strong relationship.

Being self-centered and conceited in a long-distance relationship will only make matters worse for both partners.

Just like is the case with any kind of relationship, being selfish only leads to disputes and heartache. But in long-distance relationships, being selfish is pretty much the most painful thing you can do.

It leads to petty, nonsensical quarrels that make the situations worse for LDR couples. Instead of spending the only time they have together being happy, they waste it by arguing with each other.

Selflessness and maturity, of course, are the keys to a strong and lasting relationship.

7. Being in a long-distance relationship proves how strong your love truly is.

Long-distance relationships are tough because couples have to make things work in the virtual world most of the time. It requires a lot of energy to stay positive.

Unlike the couples who get to spend most of their time together, LDR couples have to face all their waking hours trying to show love and affection without being physically present.

LDR couples have to find different ways to show their love.