How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days By Not Giving A Sh*t What You Look Like

by Danielle Clasing

Are you trying to get rid of a boyfriend or one bad date that has never ended?

Here are some tips to get a guy running in the other direction... fast! These suggestions come solely from your closet, and if they are executed in an extreme fashion, you are bound to succeed.

1. Push the muffin top over the top

Most women know when clothes fit. So, why, then, do some get muffin tops? Well, when you're trying to fit in pants that are one or two sizes too small for you, muffin tops appear. Ten days + ten muffin tops = no man.

2. Wear dirty laundry

Yes, the shirt you wore earlier this week that's all wrinkled and has a Diet Coke stain on it. You thought he wouldn't notice because you're wearing an infinity scarf and you Febrezed it, but you look like you didn't look in the mirror before you left the house.

3. Overexpose your bra strap

You know when people say it's better to leave some things to the imagination? Well, you should only show your bra strap if you're wearing a wide, scoop-neck sweatshirt a la "Flashdance" circa 1983.

If your bra strap is permanently on display, it sends him the wrong idea. Or, he's completely right on.

4. Try too hard to be trendy

Think "Mean Girls" or "Clueless." If you look like you try too hard to be on top of every new fashion trend and that's all he sees in a short time span, you will seem fake, and he will always look and feel awkward around you.

5. Always wear the same hoodie

Face it: We all love hoodies and so do guys. When you wear the exact same hoodie every single time you see him, in every type of situation, you'll appear like you don't want to impress him, and he'll think you're not into him.

It will just freak him out.

6. Wear socks with holes in them

Socks may be minor accessories that are not seen often, but he's the one who's supposed to have holey socks. The odds that you will take off your shoes at some point are pretty high, so they will eventually be exposed.

Wear the holiest socks every day until he realizes there's someone out there with a scarier sock drawer.

7. Wear unusually embellished denim

When your jeans always have more bling than your jewelry, something's wrong. You will blind him with your collection of bedazzled blues, and he'll be worried about your pants scratching his leather couch or car seats. He will also be afraid of getting caught on you.

8. Rock laced-up, patent leather pants, shirts or crop tops

It may be hard to face, but not every woman can dress like Catwoman on a daily basis. There may be some high-end jackets that can make this look work, but he most likely won't want to be seen with you in public.

9. Jingle everywhere you go

At some point in your life, you have met this person. All it takes is three earrings in each ear, a stack of metal bangle bracelets and fingers full of rings.

Every time you move, you'll make an irritating noise and, eventually, you'll push him over the edge.

10. Wear chunky shoes every day

You will look ridiculous because you'll magically shrink four inches every time you take off your shoes. You will make him feel insecure not only because you tower over him, but also because he'll always feel anxious around you since you could fall flat on your face at any given moment.

Any combination or extreme use of these 10 suggestions will aid you in performing the ultimate magic trick: POOF! He's gone.