What It's Like To Date Someone Who's Actually Voting For Donald Trump

by Brianna Wright

Whether you're politically in touch or simply someone who breathes and has access to the news, you've probably pondered this question: How has Donald Trump become the assumed nominee of the GOP?

And if you've wondered that, you've probably also asked yourself, "Who actually likes this guy?" I have asked myself these questions, as well, only to be reminded that someone with that much of a lead must have a lot of supporters. But who are they? Are they normal people? Do they have functioning brains? Well, they are my boyfriend.

True life: I'm dating a Trump supporter. On this episode of True Life, you'll meet my boyfriend, who doesn't just like Trump because he's an assh*le. He is intelligent, passionate and (you guessed it) a die-hard conservative who probably likes Donald Trump more than he likes me.

So, let's take a closer look at what he (and all Trump supporters, assumedly) does on a day-to-day basis:

1. Grabs the remote and turns on Fox News.

Sorry, "Family Feud." It's election season. That means all Fox News, all the time. Nothing screams Trump supporter much like sitting on the couch watching Fox, while sporting an American flag on the wall.

Trump supporters worship Fox News. My boyfriend can hardly sit on the couch for five minutes watching anything else. I mean, full election coverage and press conferences featuring the man himself? It's a Donald lover's dream.

2. Chants “Build a wall! Build a wall!”

Similar to ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and the coined term, “Move that Bus!" fans of Donald Trump love his plan to build a wall so much that they will literally shout it from the mountaintops. I'm not joking. My boyfriend will sometimes just burst out in the middle of his apartment, Target, a club, etc. with Trump's iconic plan.

His chants are met with glares, profanity, high fives and drunken slurs. While this is going on, you'll find me at least 10 feet away pretending like I'm utterly unaware of my boyfriend's conservative chants. He hasn't gotten beat up for this (yet).

3. Wears Trump gear around town.

Trump fans are NOT nonchalant about their support for The Donald. This means being as flashy as possible in gear that has “Make America Great Again” written all over it. My boyfriend has a hat, shirt, sticker and a handful of signs that carry Trump's token slogan. He also parades around town in this gear looking as cute as ever. Similar to the chanting, the Trump gear is met by both positive and negative remarks, glares, profanity, etc.

4. Spends most of his free time talking politics.

If you want to have an engaging, passionate discussion about politics, look no further. Trump fans are always ready to talk politics. Conversations with Trump lovers circulate around the man himself but do not shy away from other heated topics.

They are constantly eager to talk about politics, politicians, news, the latest topic on Fox News and just about anything else that might fall into that realm. You cannot, however, get through a conversation without being reminded to “vote Trump." Trump lovers might always be eager for a conversation, but they're even more willing to tell you why Donald Trump is the best candidate.

5. Tries his best to convert you into a Trump fan.

I've received copious amounts of videos showing support to Donald Trump. Usually, when my boyfriend texts me a link and I see “Trump” in it somewhere, I'll skip over it (sorry, babe). I have to remind myself that he is relentless because he is so passionate about what he believes in.

I love that he's so passionate, and it's fun to see him work so hard to convert me into a Trump fan. It really is. But even the sweetest, “Babe, will you come watch this video with me?” won't influence my own beliefs. Trump supporters are not only opinionated, but they're also eager and are willing to turn you into a Trump fan as soon as they see the opportunity.

So, the next time you wonder, “Who actually likes this guy?" remember that there are people out there that live like my boyfriend on a daily basis. And they're probably thinking of the next way to involve Trump into a conversation.