Are You Being Lied To On Your Online Dating Site?


Online dating works for plenty of people, I’m just never going to try it. Why you ask? Because I will never trust meeting someone on the Internet.

I’ve heard of way too many instances where people pretend to be who they’re not, and I’m just not willing to put myself in that situation. It turns out, I’m not so wrong in being hesitant to try online dating.

The online dating auction site,, conducted a survey to find out which U.S. cities had the most online dating liars, and what aspect of their online dating profiles were embellished on the most.

The list is as follows

  1. Washington D.C. (Career and Education) 37%
  2. San Francisco (Career and Money Earned) 35%
  3. New York (Everything) 34%
  4. Philadelphia (Height and Money Earned) 33%
  5. Miami (Relationship Status and Height) 31%

Wondering what the most honest online dating cities are? Houston, Phoenix, Boston, Pittsburgh and Chicago.

Are you living and dating in one of these cities?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images