16 Cute, Ridiculous Things You Do That Let Everyone Know You're In Love

by Paul Hudson

There’s nothing better in this world than falling in love. It changes the way you view and understand your reality. It helps you separate the meaningful from the trivial. It makes it easier to focus on the things that matter most in life.

Falling in love feels so incredibly amazing that all you’ll want to do is shout proclamations from the rooftops. I’m here to tell you that this honestly isn’t necessary. You don’t need to tell your friends and family that you’re in love. All they’ll need is to spend an hour with you to know this.

1. You regularly smile at your phone

Every time you get a notification, you get a little excited and rush to check your phone. When you see that the texter was who you hoped it was, an ear-to-ear smile appears on your face. Other people may think you’ve gone a little crazy, but you haven’t; you’re just in love.

2. You start listening to love songs on repeat.

You used to find them sappy and maybe even a little depressing. But now love songs make all kinds of sense to you. You understand the emotions they’re talking about. You used to hate the little bastard, but now you find that Justin Bieber actually does have some talent.

3. You have a newfound bounce in your step.

If you could skip instead of walk, you would. But you’re afraid someone might lock you up in the insane asylum. Not that you really care; your love will help you pull through.

4. You start checking out bigger apartments.

Just on Craigslist. You’re not seriously considering moving ... yet. You’re just curious to see how much money you’d save if you happened to move in with the person you’re falling for. It’s all harmless. (Do you think there’s room for a pet?)

5. This person is your conversation topic of choice.

It’s not that you don’t care about what your friends and family want to talk about. It’s just that you’d rather talk about the amazing person you just met. And you want to do it ALL THE TIME. What’s wrong with that?

6. You suddenly live a healthier lifestyle.

You went from all-nighters and keg stands to doing yoga and eating vegan. You try to explain to your friends that this was your choice, and it was -- mostly. Regardless of why you’re doing it, you’re feeling a lot healthier, and it's showing.

7. You don’t hang out with your friends nearly as much as you used to.

It’s not that you don’t want to hang out with them as much as you used to. You just simply don’t have the time. Sometimes you’ll disappear for weeks at a time, but you always show your face eventually. You still love your friends, but now you love this new person as well. Your heart is big enough for everyone.

8. Your mood is generally better.

Things that used to annoy you roll off your back. Cloudy days still seem bright. Issues that used to bug you no longer do. Friends will ask who you've become. But you ignore them and keep being happy.

9. All of a sudden, you’re responsible.

In bed by midnight? Never coming late or missing an appointment? Saying no to late-night booze fests and the such? No problem. You'd genuinely rather get to bed, be rested, and then spend some time with the one you love.

10. You went from looking like a caveman/woman to being a well-groomed adult.

It’s not your fault that you didn’t have a reason to shave before. Well, now you do. You dress better, smell better, and just generally look better. Who knew falling in love was the best makeover?

11. You spend most of your time daydreaming.

You can’t help it. You miss the apple of your eye and would rather think about your memories together -- and the moments to come -- rather than focus on what's happening in front of you. Sure, you come off as a bit distracted sometimes, but who cares? You don’t mind.

12. You start blurring the lines between ‘I’ and ‘we.’

Your partner doesn’t need to be present, but you still choose to say "we" instead of "I." As in, “I’m not sure if we’re available,” “Yeah, I think we’ll go” and "Nah, we never saw that movie.” You used to be a single entity. Now you’re one-half of a whole.

13. You pick up new hobbies that neither you nor your friends ever thought that you’d enjoy.

What do they mean, you hate spin class?! You've always loved spin class! Well, you’ve never tried it before, but you swear that if you had, you would have loved it. On the bright side, you’re getting a chance to broaden your horizons. Good for you.

14. Before you make any decisions, you want to check in with your other half.

You don't care if only you is available. Because unless you both are available, you're not, either. This can sometimes frustrate your friends. You used to be easygoing with plans, but now there's a whole approval process. In time, however, your friends will get used to it.

15. A lot of the things that used to excite you no longer do.

Your hobbies are changing. The way you like to spend your free time is changing. The person you are is changing (hopefully for the better). It only makes sense that some things you used to love no longer catch your interest and excite you. They call this "maturing."

16. You still go shopping, but it's less for yourself and more for your significant other.

You’re more broke than you used to be, but you care less about money as well. You no longer feel a need to keep up with the latest fashions, trends, etc. Now you’re more interested in making him your partner smile. Seeing your loved one smile makes you happier than a new pair of shoes ever could.

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