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Lauren Zima's engagement ring from Chris Harrison came from a surprising place.

Here’s Why Chris Harrison’s Engagement Ring For Lauren Zima Is So Surprising

FYI, zero red roses were involved in the proposal.

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After leading Bachelor and Bachelorette stars to their proposals for almost 20 years, it’s no surprise Chris Harrison popped the question to Lauren Zima, his girlfriend since 2018, in a pretty spectacular way. On Oct. 25, Harrison and Zima announced their engagement on Instagram. And although the Napa Valley proposal would fit in perfectly with most Bachelor Nation engagements, there were a few notable differences. The biggest one? Lauren Zima’s engagement ring from Chris Harrison was *not* from Neil Lane.

According to the duo’s simultaneous engagement posts, the ring was from McClave Jewelers, a family-owned jeweler that specializes in custom-made engagement rings. And per Brian McClave, son of the owner, Charles McClave, the ring-buying process went very smoothly. “Through a series of meetings, they narrowed down the design for the ring, and [Harrison] handpicked the perfect diamond for [Zima],” he tells Elite Daily.

And based on Zima’s rock, he did a great job. Her ring is seriously stunning... and expensive. According to Mike Fried, CEO of The Diamond Pro, “Zima’s diamond looks to be at least 3 or 4 carats. I estimate the value to be near $100,000 but potentially more depending on the quality of the diamond.”

(Let this be a reminder that Harrison is doing just fine after reportedly receiving a $9 million payout from ABC following his Bachelor Nation exit.)

Fried added, “With a thin band made of yellow gold or rose gold, Lauren's ring has character without taking away from the diamond's beauty.” Essentially, this ring is a classic look — perfect for a couple making a life-long commitment to each other.

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Zima seems more than happy with her engagement ring and, most importantly, the engagement itself. Really, her Instagram caption says it all.

We tell each other this all the time, and we said it again in an unforgettably beautiful moment this weekend: I didn’t know love could be like this. You are the most incredible partner. Thank you for loving me, championing me and asking me to marry you. Here’s to the next amazing chapter, and all the rest 💍

So sweet! Harrison expressed his post-engagement bliss on IG as well. “I love you @laurenzima,” he wrote. “The next chapter starts now!” Plus, according to McClave, he sent an update to the jeweler after Zima said yes. McClave explains, “Soon after the proposal, [Harrison] texted my father a picture of the ring with a caption saying, ‘Home run my friend!’” So exciting.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and here’s to all the exciting next chapters in their future.