The Wingwoman

The best asset a guy can have when pursuing a woman of interest is in fact… another woman. Lets face it; the idea of a wingman has become cliché. Women these days can smell a wingman a mile away and un-foil his plan before he can get the first word out. We all know the moves, the lines, and the body language.

The wingman begins his job by starting casual conversation. Nothing incriminating to alert that he is the one interested in you. He’ll ask the woman what she is drinking or he’ll use the classic “you look familiar have I seen you here before” line. The wingman will also stand at a comfortable distance as to not convey that he is actually the one interested of course.

He is not the main player here. When the time is right, the friend of the wingman will “accidentally” run into him and begin catching up. The wingman introduces his friend to the woman of interest and the plan has been executed. Sound familiar? What woman hasn’t been witness or victim to this strategy? It’s time for a new one. The wingwoman.

The wingwoman is a covert spy. What woman would expect another woman of setting her up with a guy? The wingwoman, much like a wingman is an agent. She is there to talk the interested guy up. She is a great storyteller and promotes her guy friends best qualities. The dynamic is different as well. A good Wingwoman talks to the other woman like they are just two girlfriends chatting about a guy.

It is familiar and unassuming. Once a rapport is established, the wingwoman can bring her back to the group (there usually is one in these circumstances) and introduce her to the guy friend. Hopefully they can start a conversation of their own, (the wingwoman can’t do everything after all). From this point forward, it is all up to the guy, the work of the Wingwoman is done. The wingwoman can then get herself a drink, she deserves one.

Arianna Wright | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images