This Girl Spent 20 Minutes Literally Holding Up Her Boyfriend's Head As He Slept

Korina Morejon

If you thought you were a good partner to your significant other, ask yourself if you'd be willing to do what 19-year-old Korina Morejon did for her boyfriend, and then reassess.

Because TBH, I'd probably get tired and quit, even I was doing what Korina did, but for Adele. (Just kidding, I would do anything for Adele.)

ANYWAY, Korina and her 21-year-old boyfriend Tajidrez Dantzler, both from Miami, Florida, had to drop Tajidrez's car off at the car dealership, so an employee at the dealership drove them back home, according to BuzzFeed News.

But of course, this was happening during rush hour, so needless to say, Korina and Tajidrez were going to be stuck in that car forever.

Because Tajidrez is only human — and car rides literally make everyone sleepy, don't fight me on this — Korina noticed that he started dozing off in the front seat.

"We had been in traffic during rush hour for almost 30 minutes when I noticed his head tilt forward," Korina told BuzzFeed News. "I was embarrassed because the driver noticed."

Honestly, I have fallen asleep at THE most inopportune places — during an AP exam back in the day, at a friend's art show, while getting my hair done — so I promise you, Korina and Tajidrez, you didn't need to be embarrassed.

"Since it wasn't our car and I didn't know the driver, I didn't want to seem rude by asking to put the seat back," she added.

Anyway, according to BuzzFeed, no matter how many times Korina tried to keep him awake, he still kept dozing off.

Then, she took it upon herself to sacrifice the feeling in her arm and literally held his head back against the seat, so it wouldn't fall forward. Get you someone who will LITERALLY hold you up when times are tough, you guys.

"I kept switching my arms when one would get tired," she continued. What a trooper. I would've literally let Adele herself fall forward in that car.

Korina also told BuzzFeed that Tajidrez said he had no idea what happened in the car, and that he "didn't wake up until [they] arrived."

But because we all deserve to sing the praises of our hard work, Korina posted the picture, which has since gone viral, on Twitter, and people are living for this sh*t.

Seriously, Korina, is your arm OK?

One person even pointed out that Korina could have singlehandedly (single-armedly?) saved her boyfriend's life if they would've crashed, so someone get this girl a medal.

Well, guys, if your partner isn't willing to hold your head up while you doze off in the front seat with some stranger, then how in love are you really?