18 Ways To Kiss And Make Up After A Fight With Your SO

by Candice Jalili

Ever seen that episode of "Friends" in which Chandler and Monica have their first fight?

Let me give you a little refresher: Chandler and Monica have just started dating when Rachel freaks out Chandler by telling him how "baby crazy" Monica is. This gets in Chandler's head, and he then calls Monica "baby crazy" to her face.

She, obviously, does not take it well. She angrily tells him that, this time, she isn't going to tell him how to fix it and he needs to figure out how to dig himself out of this hole.

Chandler goes full-on, code red, PANIC MODE.

He assumes they're broken up and has no idea what to do. Monica has to remind him that it's just a fight, but he still has to figure his way out himself.

So... he proposes.

Clearly, it was his first real relationship. He just had no idea how to kiss and make up the normal way.

So, in honor of National Kiss and Make Up Day (that's today!), let's give all of the Chandlers of the world some help with this list of 18 ways to end a fight with your significant other that don't involve prematurely proposing.

1. Say you're sorry and mean it.

2. Have sex.


3. Continue to say I love you until they finally back down.

4. Send food/flowers to their office.

5. Take a shower together.

6. Hug each other forever.

7. Show up at their apartment in the outfit they love.

8. Promise you'll never do it again.

9. Send them Seamless to their house.

10. Have sex.

11. Write them a letter.

12. Leave them a sweet note to read when they get home.


13. Make them an "I'm Sorry" Spotify playlist.

14. Send cookies to their apartment.

15. Take them out to date night.

16. Take them to a concert.

17. Write their favorite song lyrics out by hand and frame it (would just like to note my favorite song is called "Gangsters & Strippers" and the chorus goes "Trying to find a bitch to get my dick sucked" maybe this one wouldn't work for me).

18. Did we mention sex?