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Katie Thurston's Instagram about feeling lonely without Blake Moynes is so relatable.

Katie Opened Up About Being Lonely When Blake Is In Africa

*Googles international shipping costs for roses*


LDRs are hard — even if you’re The Bachelorette’s latest golden couple. Although Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes are totally in love, their romance doesn’t come without the occasional challenge, and Moynes’ recent trip to Africa definitely qualifies. That said, Katie Thurston’s Instagram about feeling lonely without Blake Moynes is super relatable.

After going on Instagram Live on Oct. 11 to talk to her fans, Thurston posted a Story thanking everyone for participating and helping her to feel a little less lonely in her new city. (ICYMI, Thurston recently moved from Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA.) “The biggest thank you to everyone who hung out last night on the live,” she wrote, per Us Weekly. “It can feel lonely moving to a new state. And last night truly felt like a hangout in my living room with you all virtually. Whether you stayed for two hours or just a short moment, thank you!”

“I’ve had trouble sleeping lately and this morning was the first time I woke up after getting a solid eight hours of rest,” the Bachelorette star continued. “You fed my mind, my soul, and my heart last night.”


Although Thurston may be feeling lonely without her fiancé, she’s made it clear that she’s nothing but proud of the work he’s doing. Not only has she been sharing videos of his work to her Stories, she’s been showing him love in his comment section, as well.

After Moynes posted about the Big Life Africa Ranger Club, encouraging his followers “to support them protect OUR wildlife and wild lands,” Thurston replied, “So proud of you ❤️.”

While Moynes is in Africa focusing on the bigger, wild animals, Thurston is staying busy with volunteering with smaller, domesticated animals at the Orphan Kitten Club. Now, I don’t know Thurston’s exact reasoning for getting involved, but I have to say I do think she’s on the right track to feeling at home in San Diego. It’s hard to feel lonely surrounded by furry friends.

Even though they’re physically apart, Thurston and Moynes are clearly still on the same page when it comes to their love for each other.