Why Make-Up Sex Is The Best Part Of Every Relationship

by Lauren Martin

What are we fighting about again?

If you’ve ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend, you've been introduced to the alternate universe that exists in the realm of love. It’s a place that has opposite theories, backward rules and a disillusion of everything you once knew.

Mundane activities are given new meaning, and unpleasant situations are no longer unpleasant.

Grocery shopping is an act of foreplay, going to bed early never actually means going to bed and fighting is just a precursor to sex. That's right, fighting is no longer cold... but so, so hot.

It's ironic, because in "real life," we try to avoid fights as much as possible. We try to steer clear of the anxiety, stress and unpleasantness that a charged argument with someone brings.

But when it comes to fighting with your significant other, the rules and fights are completely different.

It's arguments that end in being closer than ever, rather than in separate rooms. It's a sexually-charged act that only has one type of reconciliation: make-up sex.

We'd be lying if we said that most of us haven't picked a fight for that special reconciliation that comes right after it.

And there's no shame in that because, according to Seth Meyers in Psychology Today, make-up sex has the same type of effect on the brain as a line of cocaine.

Like cocaine, it makes you high. A momentary bliss, it brings you up from the low of an argument to a type of ecstasy that can only come from an orgasm. Much like a drug addict, couples yearn for that momentary high that comes from escaping that tense and electrically-charged fight.

They go from hating each other to being completely absorbed and wrapped around one another. And let's be real here, the sex is just always so much better when it's got that extra friction from an argument.

Of course, make-up sex can many times just be a diversion from the real problem. Instead of talking, couples are taking to the sheets and the problems aren't always getting resolved. But who cares?

If we've learned anything, it's that sex may cause some problems, but it's also really good at reminding us that there's nothing worth fighting for more. And like an addict, sometimes we just want our fix, even if that means picking fights for no reason.

So if you don't already know if you are or aren't an addict, here are the tell-tale signs you might just be picking a fight for the sake of the sex.

The sex always lasts longer than the fights

You know you're just fighting for the sex when your orgasm lasts longer than the argument. Because it's not about the fight, it never was. It's about getting off.

The fight is the foreplay, the heat, the sexual tension. You're not fighting to solve something, you're fighting to screw something.

You want attention, not reconciliation

You don't really care about what you're fighting about, but you're really good at acting like you do. Your screams aren't of rage, but of sexual frustration. You aren't trying to get an apology, but a trip to the bedroom.

You're more obsessed with the attention that comes with getting your clothes off than getting your point across, and you don't care if that means conceding the argument or apologizing first.

You'll apologize first just to be on top

You understand that saying "I'm sorry" isn't a sign of weakness, but an understanding that there are more important things in life... like sex.

You don't care if you have to be the one that caves first because you'd rather spend time between the sheets than not speaking out of pride.

You understand that every couple needs to leave egos at the bedroom door if it ever wants to have a reason to close it.

You don’t care about the words, just that their mouth works

It's not about what they're saying, but what they're not saying. You aren't looking for their side of the argument or their apologies, you just want to see their fight in the bedroom.

While you may be listening to what they have to say, you're unconsciously waiting for them to just stop talking and start undressing.

There's only one way you want them to say "I'm sorry."

You don't need the classic apology and you really don't need flowers. You believe that actions speak a lot more loudly than words, and you'll take a good time between the sheets over diamonds or concert tickets any day. It's not about the making up, but the getting down.