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Julia Fox and Kanye West reportedly have an open relationship.

Julia Fox And Kanye West Are Reportedly In An Open Relationship

And Ye’s been spotted with a Kim lookalike.

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Apparently, Julia Fox and Kanye “Ye” West are just too evolved for a monogamous relationship. Though Julia said that she and Ye called each other “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” during her Feb. 8 interview on Call Her Daddy, the duo reportedly has an open relationship. And that’s a good thing, considering Ye has been spotted out and about with Chaney Jones, an influencer known for being a Kim Kardashian lookalike.

Speaking to Page Six on Feb. 8, a source close to Julia explained the nature of their relationship, claiming, “Their bond transcends typical norms because they’re evolved beings who just want each other to be happy. There is no jealousy or bad vibes.” Transcendent or not, there seems to be some confusion about where the duo stands with one another.

On Call Her Daddy, Julia said, “I call him my boyfriend, and he calls me his girlfriend. It just happened, and it felt very organic and not even like crazy or anything, just very natural.” And yet an insider said the opposite to Page Six on Feb. 8.

“Kanye very much likes Julia, but it’s a new situation and they aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend,” the insider claimed. “They are dating. The relationship doesn’t have a title yet. He only met her five weeks ago.” 👀

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The source added, “Kanye is busy. He has his album. He’s got a million things going on work-wise. He designs, he produces, all of that takes time. And he is dealing with his divorce.” Despite his packed schedule, Ye seems to be able to make time for their romance — and his elaborate way of showing affection has prompted some concern from her friends. Apparently, buying five Birkins for Julia and her crew looks like a love-bomb-shaped red flag to some of them.

During the podcast interview, however, the actor defended the rapper. “He doesn’t have a shady, ulterior motive. I think [that’s] super crucial in the love-bombing element because in a typical narcissistic relationship, you get love-bombed, and you get isolated. But no, my friends are now with me 24/7… he’s not trying to have me to keep me for himself, locked away,” she explained. “No. He wants me to be the best version of myself, like that’s always the conversation, how am I going to live up to my full potential? Which I think is amazing.” (Just a reminder that you can live up to your full potential without someone else styling you.)

Whether or not they really are boyfriend and girlfriend, let’s hope all is well in JuliYe’s world.