Judging Book By Covers: 10 Profile Pics That Make Girls Swipe Left

We live in an age where dating apps and websites are increasingly common. Tinder, Hinge and OkCupid are just a few of the digital outlets through which you can meet a potential new flame.

The problem is, with so many options, we only have limited time in which to make judgment calls.

Ideally, we'd all consider intangible factors, like hobbies, interests and backgrounds, but the reality is that you either will or will not be a “like” at first sight.

So, to help men who are looking for their matches, I've put together a list of 10 types of profile photos that make girls swipe left, dislike, move on or whatever your forum provides.

The same rules generally apply to women, though my experience is limited to perusing male profiles.

Guys: Avoid these picture pitfalls and you'll be sure to make it to the next stage. Where you go after that is up to you!

1. Incredibly incognito

If you're wearing sunglasses and a hat in every picture, girls start to wonder what's underneath the attire that warrants a constant cover-up.

It's one thing to have sunglasses in a picture when it's sunny outside, but another thing completely to always hide your face behind a fitted cap or shades. That sends "Phantom of the Opera" vibes.

2. All baby pictures

Your mom loves your baby pictures. She thinks you were the cutest thing ever and that Gerber missed its chance by passing on you. However, if your cuteness peaked at 8 years old, that's concerning.

Have updated photos and show what you look like, now.

The same theory applies to those who suffer from Peter Pan syndrome; posting photos primarily from your glory years in college or high school should be saved for #tbt, where they belong.

3. Where's Waldo?

No one likes to have to search through crowds of people in an attempt to identify someone.

Frankly, it's a lot of work, and nine times out of 10, you'll be disappointed because you had your eye on someone else in the group. Avoid that frustration and subsequent letdown.

Group pictures are generally fine, just make sure to post pictures of yourself, too, preferably doing whatever it is you do best.

4. Mirror, Mirror

The same way girls are bashed for taking duck-faced selfies, some guys are guilty of taking excessive bathroom or gym selfies.

They know who they are. Don't be that guy; it sends a universal narcissistic message.

5. Inanimate objects

If all your pictures are of your fancy car, the hotels in which you stay or the parties you frequent, you leave girls wondering whether there's any substance in your life, or if you're only about material things.

6. The “LeBron” Theory

Similarly, while you may be a huge fan of Lebron, Dwyane or Kobe, they are not family.

They are also likely not your close personal friends. So, when more than one profile picture features one of these people, you're sending the wrong message about your priorities.

Imagine a girl with multiple Marilyn or Audrey pictures. After a while, it starts to look obsessive.

7. Who's that girl?

If you're on a dating site, there's no reason for you to have an attractive girl in several of your photos, particularly in a "couples" pose.

Unless you look so identical that it's clear you're siblings, it will be like you're trying to have your cake and eat it, too.

8. How many girls are there?

While posting your Hooters birthday celebration may seem like a good idea at the time, if in every picture, a group of girls (paid or otherwise) surrounds you, it sends a player warning, which most (who know better) will steer clear from.

9. All art, no play

If every picture you post is artsy or abstract, it will be slightly intimidating for the girl who may enjoy the occasional art show, but is in no mood to be made to feel culturally inferior because she can't appreciate the subtle nuances of modern art.

10. One picture only

Dating sites are about, as we discussed, making snap judgments.

In order to best do this, you need to give as much information as possible. If a picture is worth a thousand words, consider there to be a 5,000-word minimum.

Post a variety of pictures with friends, family, alone and showcasing your hobbies.

It's easy to make a good first impression if you choose your photos wisely. Just avoid these common errors and you'll be one step ahead of the rest. Good luck!