All This Clever Guy On Tinder Needs To Win Your Heart Is A Dartboard Apparently

by Candice Jalili

If Tinder was a game, a guy named Jared has officially become the winner. How did he win the game of Tinder, you ask? Well, there are plenty of ways you can have a good Tinder profile. You can include a bunch of hot pictures of yourself. You can include a quippy bio with some hot pictures of yourself. You can include some funny pics of yourself with a sexy bio. OR you can pull a Jared and totally do your own thing. What's Jared's own thing? Well, Jared plays darts on his Tinder profile.

How does playing a silly old game of darts make you the WINNER of Tinder? Well, let me tell you how Jared made this happen. First off, he has an epic bio that reads, "I call myself Jared, but you can call me tonight." Usually, people stop right there with the funny profile. They've maxed out their wittiness. But no, not Jared. Jared took everyone's funny, quippy Tinder bio, and he raised them a hilarious of well-thought out series of photos in his profile.

Basically, the first photo is a  shot of Jared's face with intense, laser-sharp focus as he holds a dart in his right hand, ready to throw it. The next photo shows him releasing the dart with his hand empty. The third photo shows the dart perfectly pinned in the center of the dartboard, right in the middle of a note with a heart drawn on it that reads, "Your heart." GET IT?!?! He pinned your heart down! He won your heart! But, of course, he doesn't stop right there. He ends the epic photo series with a picture of him smirking at the camera with a look on his face that just says he knows he just murdered the Tinder game.

I mean, see the whole thing for yourself here:

Needless to say, people on Twitter loved it.

Here's hoping we all find Jared on Tinder! I can imagine his list of matches is BLOWING UP. And if you don't find Jared himself, still keep your eyes peeled on Tinder. You never know what you're gonna find.

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