During a Feb. 8 interview, Chrishell Strause finally responded to the rumors that she's dating 'Shan...

Is Chrishell Dating Shang Chi’s Simu? She Finally Addressed The Rumors

They have major chemistry.


Ever since Shang Chi’s Simu Liu appeared on Selling Sunset, there have been romance rumors floating around about him and Chrishell Stause. The duo had undeniable chemistry throughout the episode — even prompting some jealousy from Stause’s then-boyfriend and current boss Jason Oppenheim. Following their flirty, televised encounter, Selling Sunset fans instantly started shipping the two together, and now that she and Oppenheim are officially done, could Stause be dating Liu?

During a Feb. 8 episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, a viewer called in to ask that same question, prompting Strause to finally address the rumors. “I get this question a lot,” Stause responded. “I have to say, Simu is just a friend of mine.”

Cohen clarified her response with a question: “Friend with benefits?” Stause replied, “No, I promise! No one ever believes me, but no." But that didn’t make her any less complimentary toward the Marvel actor.

“He’s so lovely, he’s amazing,” Stause added, but she wouldn’t go into more details, wanting to respect Liu’s privacy. According to her, he prefers not to be “public with his whole situation, but he's just a friend.” Liu, for his part, hasn’t addressed the rumors.

Still, that doesn’t mean fans will stop rooting for the not-couple. I mean, considering their chemistry on camera, it’s hard not to.


It looks like Stause is focusing on herself right now, especially in the wake of her split from Oppenheim. During a Feb. 8 interview with Forbes, she explained how she was recovering from the breakup, but it sounds like it’s still an active process. “I just had the most successful relationship I’ve ever had, something I’m really proud of. Even though we aren’t together, it’s really important to us to keep that friendship and to really just feel like we are each other’s biggest support group. It doesn’t always have to end in heartbreak,” she said. “If you can recognize that you don’t have the same goals, that doesn’t mean that somebody is the bad guy. You can still love that person and support that person and want everything for them. It’ll just take a different path.”

Although Stause may not be ready for another romantic relationship just yet (she and Oppenheim only split up officially in Dec. 2021), I’m still going to be rooting for her and Liu. After all, she and Oppenheim started as friends — it could happen.