10 Things You Do On Instagram That Turn Off The Opposite Sex

I love me a good selfie. Like, I'll post a selfie on Instagram with those Snapchat filters that make you look like a freaking goddess, then tag it with a million things to get #LIKESFORLIKES. That yellow butterfly filter was sent from the gods above, and I want to show it off.

But if you're single like me, you might want to be careful about what you post on Instagram. Posting selfies, as pretty as they may be, isn't really doing anything for our game.

In its Singles In America survey of over 5,000 singletons, dating site found there are a ton of things we're doing on Instagram that could be considered a turn-off for the opposite sex. Hell, we might even be turning off potential mates without even knowing we're doing it.

For example, according to the survey, single men are turned off by Instagram selfies, but single women are nearly TWICE as turned off by them as men are.

Let's take a look at more statistics, so you can post on social accordingly:

Things men post that turn women off:

1. Selfies

Twenty-six percent of women hate it when dudes post selfies on Instagram.

Twenty-six percent of women hate it when dudes post selfies on Instagram.

TBH, I don't know why this is. Something about seeing a selfie of your face just makes me feel there's something very feminine about you. (I know, that's a sexist thing to say, but whatever.)

2. Gym pics

GOD, I hate these... and I'm not alone. It seems 34 percent of women also hate gym shots.

I don't need to feel bad about my workout routine by seeing how good you are with yours. UGH.

3. Using trending hashtags

Twenty-seven percent of women aren't fans of these, like #WCW, #TBT, etc.

Maybe it's because we'd rather you do something more productive with your life, like save the world, than take time to do this.

4. And using too many hashtags, in general

Some women (41 percent, to be exact) aren't feeling the use of too many hashtags in photo captions, either.

(But I like them, so don't worry, boys.)

5. Pictures of them partying

It looks like 25 percent of women don't really want to see you and your dudes turning up at ~da club.~

For me, it makes it seem like I'm looking at a guy who isn't "husband material" if he's out doing illicit drugs.

6. Pictures of them showing off their body

As beautiful as your biceps might be, 45 percent of women aren't into seeing pics of them.

Whenever I see a guy showing off his arms, I automatically assume he's insecure in some way for doing it.

Things women post that turn men off:

1. Using too many hashtags in captions

Looks like this is a universal thing. Apparently, 35 percent of men hate when girls do this.

I'm not gonna stop. I don't care what you guys think. I need more followers!!!

2. Using trending hashtags

Approximately 25 percent of men hate this. (Hashtags are screwing us all, it seems.)

Why, tho?! Don't you guys know that betches love hashtags?

3. Inspirational quotes

Twenty-two percent of men dislike when women post inspirational quotes on Instagram. (WTF? Why?)

Twenty-two percent of men dislike when women post inspirational quotes on Instagram.

...Guess I should stop...

4. Pictures of kids, including babies

About 24 percent of men aren't too thrilled to see a bunch of baby posts.

OK, I understand this one, I guess. You know, because guys are always so emotionally UNAVAILABLE.

I think it's safe to say we're all a little picky when it comes to social media, and if there's any hope of finding a relationship, we should save some things for IRL, instead of posting them on Instagram.

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