10 Ways To Tell He's A Raging Jerk Within The First 10 Minutes Of A Date

by Alexa Mellardo

Have you ever dated guys who only showed their true colors later on in your relationship?

Unfortunately, a guy doesn't wear a neon warning sign on his shirt that says his middle name is “douchebag” -- although, that would be super helpful.

It's actually quite simple to tell if he's a total jerk on the first date… within the very first 10 minutes, at that.

The little things he does and how he handles himself the first time you go out together can make a lasting impression, good or bad.


There's a lot of pressure that goes into a first date on both sides. It's an understatement to say there's a lot of stress in that first in-person “hello.”

The dude could be a foot shorter than expected. He could also be wearing white shoes with a handkerchief in his pocket (heaven forbid), and look absolutely nothing like his social media pictures.

Did he start complaining about his day, or call you “babe” right from the get-go? DITCH THAT DUDE STAT.

Forrest Gump once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.” WELL, so are the guys you go out on dates with.

The dude could be one of the delicious, chewy chocolate ones with lots of nuts. OR, he could be the one with the pink cream inside that nobody ever wants to end up with. It's usually half-eaten, left in the box. OOPS.

Here are 10 warning signs he may be a first class jerk, within the first 10 minutes of a date.

1. He walks in front of you.

If he's not a gentleman, run for the hills, girl! His first impression is when he should be at his best, so this is a totally unacceptable start.

2. He doesn't open the door for you.

This is proper manners for a guy, and shows he knows the meaning of chivalry. If he doesn't have this down by now, he never will.

3. He doesn't let you get a word in.

He talks, but doesn't listen. He should want to get to know YOU.

There's nothing this gal over here hates more than a guy who will not shut up about himself. If all he wants to do is get you to know him, that shows where his priorities are.

4. He keeps cracking bad jokes and really thinks he's funny.

DROP THIS DUDE LIKE A HOT POTATO… or you'll be stuck listening to horrible jokes all night long.

5. He brags about himself.

20th Century Fox

No… just no. Walk away if he's acting cocky, and not confident. You're looking for a man, not a pompous ass.

6. He negs you.

If he makes any sort of comment about your appearance that makes you uncomfortable, or gives you a compliment and follows it up with "but," he could be negging you.

This is just plain old rude and disgusting. He's a bully.

7. He gives attention to another girl in the room.

20th Century Fox

UM, WTF dude?! We've only been talking for less than 10 minutes!

If his eyes aren't on you… he can go out with the other chick in the room.

8. He talks about other girls he is seeing or is dating.

The only thing worse than a jerk is an insecure one.

9. He starts giving too many compliments.

Chill, dude.

10. He acts like a total tool toward anyone.

If he got pissed off at the waiter for bringing him the wrong beer and made a scene, he deserves to be ditched. No one likes an ass with a superior attitude.

First impressions are worth their weight in gold.

First impressions are worth their weight in gold. While you should never judge a book by its cover, there are definitely some books that are wisely left on the shelf for someone else to pick… or to leave on the shelf for good.