10 Breakup Personalities Every Girl Can Identify With On An Insanely Spiritual Level

by Alison Segel
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There are several ways to deal with a breakup.

Do you key your ex's car? (Don't do that.)

Do you do a deep dive into sappy rom-coms and food delivery services while waiting for some guy — who was probably not that great anyway — to text you about how badly he misses you? By the way, he should miss you. You're awesome. His loss.

Do you listen to sad songs on repeat? You're emo girl.

Start liking all of his friend's pictures on Instagram in an attempt to make him jealous? You're revenge chick.

Here are 10 breakup personalities that every girl can identify with on an insanely spiritual level.

1. The Girl Who Gets Over It Quickly

Almost a little too quickly.

This is the girl who is always somehow in a serious, monogamous relationship and is always "in love," even when she was just seriously "in love" with someone else.

Where is she meeting all these guys? How does she have time to fall in love with everyone? What is her secret?

2. The Emo Playlist Girl

You know her. She's the girl who makes emo playlists on Spotify, listens to them nonstop, and makes it public so everyone knows she's been crying to Bon Iver for the past 10 hours.

If you get in her car, she will definitely cry-sing at you all the lyrics of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know."

3. "Living Well Is The Best Revenge" Girl

This girl won't ever let her ex see her shed a single tear.

For me, this is truly the best way to get over a breakup — by living your best life.

Maybe it's a "fake it 'til you make it" philosophy, but if you fake being happy and over him enough, then eventually, girl, you will be. Plus, nothing will make him full of regret more than you posting pictures of yourself happy and over him all over social media.

A great example of "living well is the best revenge" girl? Khloe Kardashian. This girl probably gets her best body post breakup, or starts a new business.

Hey, anger can be a great motivator! Use it.

4. "Revenge Is The Best Revenge" Girl

This girl gets a little, well, insane post-breakup.

Maybe she drives by her ex's house late at night, over and over again, just to see what he's up to.

Maybe she hooks up with her ex's friends to make him jealous or stays in touch with his sister and family, just so she has a way of lingering around. She might still contact him, despite making an agreement that they were going to stop talking, or find reasons to justify her behavior — "hey, is my sweater still at your house?"

"Revenge is the best revenge" girl might also try to stir up some drama by spreading rumors or false information. But at the end of the day, "revenge is the best revenge" girl just wants to get back together.

5. Online Shopping Spree Girl

Online shopping girl thinks that a new wardrobe will fix everything!

She buys bathing suits to try to manifest a trip to Cabo. She buys clothing a few sizes too small because her plan is definitely to get in the best shape of her life! She buys some club clothes, because maybe now that's her thing?

Online shopping girl is a little lost post-breakup and is attempting to use her closet as a vision board.

Unfortunately, she'll soon find out this doesn't work, is incredibly pricey, and will have some returns to make.

6. "Ice Cream Is Now My Boyfriend" Girl

You're Bridget Jones.

"Ice cream is my boyfriend now" girl is basically Bridget Jones.

7. Internet Stalker Girl

Internet stalker girl keeps tabs on her ex through social media. She also keeps tabs on her ex's friends through social media. If she's blocked, she might even ask for her BFF's password in order to keep on going with her private investigating.

Internet stalker girl checks her ex's "favorites" tab. What girl's tweets is he favoriting? She notices any new friends he acquires on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Although they are very broken up, internet stalker girl knows her ex's whereabouts because, well... she's an internet stalker.

8. The Legally Blonde Method Girl

Warner Huntington III: You got into Harvard Law? Elle Woods: What? Like, it's hard? — Legally Blonde

The Legally Blonde girl spends post-breakup proving her ex wrong. Everything he always thought she couldn't do? She does it. That job he thought she couldn't get? Well, she applied for it, got it, and decided to turn it down and start her own business instead.

Legally Blonde girl uses a breakup as a catalyst to become the best version of herself... and then rub it in her ex's face.

9. The Makeover Girl

Do you do any of the following right after a breakup:

1. Get bangs?

2. Cut your hair short?

3. Get extensions?

4. Dye your hair a unicorn hair color?

5. Start getting spray tans?

6. Try out the latest beauty trend, even if it's probably not right for you?

Yeah, then you're the makeover girl post-breakup.

10. The Mature Girl

The mature girl knows that breakups aren't the end of the world. Relationships are either for a lesson or a lifetime. Plus, this isn't the first breakup the mature girl has been through, and this isn't the last.

The mature girl learns from her breakups and tries to self-improve and introspect each time her heart is broken and a relationship ends. That way, she doesn't keep making the same mistakes over and over. She takes accountability for her part in the relationship and uses the breakup downtime to heal and grow.

Which breakup personality are you? What are your girl friends? Sound off in the comments.