10 Of The Sexiest Things A Guy Can Do That Have Nothing To Do With Sex

by Alexa Mellardo

There are a lot of sexy things girls love in a guy…and many of them have nothing to do with sex.

Girls observe the whole package when checking you out and find certain non-sexual qualities downright irresistible.

Obviously, our initial attraction is based on your handsome looks. We will simultaneously notice your personality and approach. We need to find out if we like what's beneath the surface -- and behind that sexy smile.

We're pros at playing it cool, while closely observing the heck out of you just to see what you have to offer. So this is your time to shine, guys.

You may think you're a king, but if you're not doing these sexy things underneath that crown, she won't be too impressed with what you have to offer. You can probably kiss your shot with her goodbye.

Whether you're in a relationship or trying to win a girl over, with these 10 simple tips, you can be crushing it in no time.

1. Keep chivalry alive.

Any guy who thinks chivalry is a dying art needs to get his facts straight. Girls love old fashioned chivalry, and you can slay it, guys. I truly have faith in you to keep the notion of respecting women alive and well.

Literally all you have to do is act like a gentleman. Peace of cake, right?

When a girl is getting to know you, your sexy appearance will be secondary to the kind of guy we sense you are. Your actions will speak louder than words and take high priority on her checklist. She's going to take notes.

Chivalry is one of the sexiest things ever...and it makes up a huge part of the entire package. If you want to impress, here's your simple way in. Things like opening the door for her, getting her a seat, making sure she gets home OK and holding her hand go a long way.

One of the sexiest things that shows a guy is actually V badass (believe it or not) is when he holds his honey's purse and bags. He smiles at her affectionately and patiently while she's trying something on in the fitting room.

You guys think you look stupid, but it's actually the sexiest thing to us. YUP, no joke.

2. Have a pair of balls, and know where you're going in life.

There's nothing more unattractive than a guy who doesn't confidently fight for what he wants, know where he's headed or is easily swayed by his friends when making decisions.

Get your priorities in line, men, because this is the real deal.

Make moves, and make them on your own terms. A girl will move on to the next dude if you don't have goals…and the drive and motivation to go after them. So basically, have your balls in the right court, and play them wisely.

A guy who passively sits back and doesn't have the backbone or talent to get things done is plain old unattractive.

3. Be mature.

Girls don't have the time or patience for immaturity. We're not in college anymore; we've already been there, done that and are SO over it.

We want men, not insecure little schoolboys. Approach situations with a mature mindset... it will only benefit you in all aspects of your life, so why not?

4. Don't cheat the game.

Loyalty is the key to keeping any relationship or connection alive. If you care about her, it's simple: Don't lie, and don't cheat! After all, no one finds these qualities the least bit desirable.

A girl loves a man who shows complete loyalty and dedication. Flirting and sweet-talking other girls when you're committed to one another is completely unacceptable. We want you to flirt with us and no one else in the room.

Play nice, and you can win the game. Don't play nice, and you will lose every time.

5. Show a spontaneous side.

Girls love it when a guy knows how to keep a relationship fresh and fun. Obviously this is a two-way street, and the girl has to bring spontaneity to the table, too.

Showing her that you're always down for a good time is definitely sexy. She will love thoughtful surprises, and she'll especially adore the man who plans them.

Unexpected little things like a rose petal trail from the door to the hot tub or planning a romantic wine and cheese picnic = sexiest guy ever.

6. Make plans with friends, and keep up your interests.

We want you to make us a priority. But a clingy guy sits just slightly above a douchebag on our rating scale.

The dude who doesn't continue to do things with his friends or stops living an interesting life is a major turn-off. Continue to chill with the bros; it's important for you and your girl.

Leave her intrigued and wanting more. Don't stop being a hot guy with interests outside of your relationship. She's down for the chase; an easy catch has no thrill whatsoever.

There's nothing a girl can't stand more than the bro who's always available to chill and gets mad if she makes plans with her friends. Do not be this guy!

Controlling, clingy jerks never make the cut. You both need a life outside of your relationship. She will love and respect you for it, and you will love her back.

7. Be honest, and it will get you everywhere.

Be open and honest with her. I bet you had absolutely no clue, but this is surprisingly super sexy...and simple.

Telling her how you really feel, and simply confiding in her on a daily basis will bring you one step closer to winning her over.

Don't let your pride get in the way of this, and don't keep yourself closed up from her. Girls appreciate when a guy opens up and reveals his emotional side. When you start holding things in is when trouble begins in a relationship.

8. Have a fun side, and be sincere.

Girls love a natural sense of humor and an inviting personality. We love the guy who knows how to be witty. We also love when you come up with a plan and can make a decision on your own.

Don't consistently say, “Whatever you choose; it doesn't matter,” or, “I don't care, either is fine.”

Truth is, it does matter, so make a decision!

Case and point: When we give you a choice, and your response is weak, lame, dumb and non-committal, it's so unattractive because the translation of your response actually says, “I don't want to do either. I'm just kind of going along with it so you don't get pissed.”

Be proactive and part of the plan. Make it clear you genuinely want to enjoy it together.

9. Show us you're smart and successful.

An accomplished guy is super sexy.

Success is usually a great indication that you have good sense and know how to use it. It's basically the end result of a "great guy" package, as well as an overall positive indication that you're not a slacker.

You had goals and accomplished some pretty good things along the road to get where you are today, and that is simply hot.

10. Keep it real, and be yourself.

"Real" is so f*cking sexy.

Don't pretend to be someone you're not, and have the confidence to make your own decisions without your bros egging you on.

If you're ready for a relationship, just go for it. If you really like someone, try your best for her.

Friends can be apprehensive when it comes to a new girl in your life and don't want to lose you as their single bud. You need to listen and take their comments and advice with a grain of salt, but trust your gut instinct. Always keep it real for her, but also keep things real and true to you.

To be honest, all a girl wants is for you to be who you are. Put your cards on the table right from the start, and play your best hand. She will without a doubt get the best impression possible.

Don't get me wrong, I stand by what I said before…if you're clingy, lazy AF, not motivated at all or a controlling ass, you probably won't have a shot. So don't be that guy!

Focus. You got this. She already thinks you're really hot. Now show her you're just as sexy on the inside.

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