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What Kind Of Kisser Are You? (Quiz)

One time, I met a person who was complete and utter perfection on paper. Her career was completely complementary to my career. She made me laugh until Sauvignon Blanc flew out of my nostrils. Her fierce intellect greatly challenged me. We had the same exact taste in movies, music, art and restaurants. My hard-to-please mother adored her. My hard-to-please father approved of her. She was everything I had ever imagined for myself.

Except we had no kissing chemistry.

"I think I found the one," I'd told my friends over drinks one Friday night.

"How is the SEX?" my best friend asked me, slugging back her wine.

"Sex? We haven't even kissed yet, babe," I replied. "I'm taking it slow with this round."

"Well, then you have no idea if she's 'the one,'" she bit back. "You have no idea if there is potential in the relationship if you haven't even KISSED."

I rolled my eyes and refocused my energy on my cold glass of champagne. But the next week, me and this "perfect" girl went on a date. She dropped me off at my little shoebox apartment and went right in for the kiss.

And it was the worst kiss in the world.

I was repulsed by the feeling of her tongue inside my mouth. As I trudged up to my apartment, I felt physically sick. My entire body was reeling from her kiss.

Through this experience, I learned a pivotal life lesson: No matter how much you adore a person's personality, no matter how attractive they are or how impressive their brain is -- if you don't have kissing chemistry, YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING.

A kiss is visceral. A kiss disconnects you from you brain and taps you into your heart -- and love lives in the heart, not in the head. Now, I always kiss on the FIRST date, because I'm not going to waste any of my precious time on a bad kisser. Life is too short for bad kisses.

There are so many different kinds of kissers in this world. The great news is that there will always be someone out there in universe who has the same kissing style as you. But first, you have to figure out what kind of kisser YOU actually are. Take this quiz to find out.