15 Guys From Your Hometown You Shouldn't Hook Up With Over Thanksgiving Break

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You're going home for Thanksgiving, and odds are, you're going to run into... well, everyone.

From the high school sweetheart you dated for the substantial part of your adolescent years to the douchebag upperclassman you, for some reason, had a ginormous crush on, they'll all be there.

And you'll be drinking, so let's be real, temptations to hook up with one of them will be high.

But I'm here to warn you: RESIST THE TEMPTATION.

Before you go home, read this list to brush up on all the guys from your hometown you should be avoiding, and why, exactly, you should be avoiding them:

Your high school sweetheart.

Match's 2016 Singles In America survey found a quarter of single people have hooked up with an ex at one point or another.

But odds are, your high school sweetheart is not the same guy you loved back in the day. So don't be a statistic.

Your first kiss who's gay now.

HE'S GAY. Get over it.

Your unattainable crush who peaked in high school.

You're so much better than him.

The hot dad of the family you nannied for.

Trust me, he wasn't flirting with you. And even if he was... EW.

Your friend's older brother who you secretly hooked up with that one time.

It may be years later, but odds are, this will still stir up the same drama.

The nerdy guy you strung along for the attention.

You're a mature, confident ADULT. You don't need his attention anymore.

Your platonic best friend who always had feelings for you.

You didn't have feelings for him then, and you still don't now. Don't let your holiday loneliness cloud your judgment.

The co-worker you had a flirty relationship with at your summer job.

There's a reason you guys never did anything more than flirt.

Your hookup buddy who could never remember your name, no matter how many times you made out.

He was a dick, and he still is (shocker).

Your best friend who you were hopelessly in love with.

He didn't see it then, and sadly, he probably won't see it now.

That guy you and your best friend got in that colossal fight over.

Years have passed, but I guarantee tensions will still be high.

The hot teacher everyone was obsessed with.

YOU WERE 14 WHEN YOU MET HIM. Keep that in mind when he's putting the moves on you.

The older boy who totally used you.

Just focus on his receding hairline.

The guy who stopped talking to you after he took your virginity.

Think about all of the days you spent crying over this dickwad. DON'T TOUCH HIM. DON'T EVEN LOOK AT HIM.

Your friend's high school sweetheart who you always had a weird connection with.

At the end of the day, he's still her ex. What are you even doing thinking of hooking up with someone ELSE'S ex?! Don't you have enough on your plate right now? LOOK AT HOW LONG THIS LIST IS.

Here's a thought: How about you try to meet someone NEW this time around?!

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