This Couple Began A Hilarious Trend To Bond With Each Other And You’ll Want To Try It

by Sean Abrams

A Chicago couple modernized the phrase "attached at the hip" with a new trend (and a different body part) that's taking the internet by storm.

Everyone, meet Madison and Josh Lovell: husband and wife and all-around adorable human beings.

As Josh is in the US Navy and was set to depart for eight months on leave in Hawaii, Madison was eager to make the most of the time she had left with her man before he went away.

In most cases, you'd expect a happily married couple to bond with a nice dinner or maybe a couples massage... but not Madison and Josh.

Instead, their idea of bonding involved some intense eye contact through the face holes of two big, comfy hoodies.

Madison's sister, Allu, tweeted out a picture of the pair standing outside with their sweatshirt strings knotted together. Slightly uncomfortable, for sure, but this is definitely a unique way of making their relationship stronger.

Allu captioned the picture, "what is wrong with my sister and her husband," and that's certainly what you'd THINK the world would be asking. But instead, it's only triggered a new viral method of couple bonding.

Since April 29, 2017, the image has garnered around 44,000 favorites with over 15,000 retweets. Despite Madi's claim to BuzzFeed that she and Josh are "probably the weirdest couple," it seems her idea has only inspired others to follow suit in being equally weird.

Tying your face hole together with someone else is so in right now, guys. Here's proof:

"Together forever" just got a whole new meaning.

These people were waaaaay ahead of this hoodie-bonding craze.

Let's just hope the car isn't currently in motion or this could get dangerous.

No distance is too far when you're attached by the face hole of your hoodie.

College: a place to learn, grow and have your face attached to someone else's via hoodie strings.

As of yet, this new fad hasn't gotten an actual name.

BuzzFeed referred to it as "hoodieing" and "ostriching," while I'm going with "The Kenny." Regardless, the lack of name isn't stopping people from getting their faces extra close with their hoodies.

Thanks, Madison and Josh, for showing the world what true love should really look like.

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