7 Awesome Items You Can Wear, Only If You're Single

I've written so many articles about all the reasons being single can suck.

But you know what? It's time for me to quit it with the sob stories. Being single is freeing, people.

Being single means not having to say "yes" to anyone you don't want to say "yes" to, doing whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you feel like it and wearing items that proudly celebrate that fact.

Case in point: I have this one shirt that says "Single Pringle". It has a picture of a crying Pringle printed on it (yes, as in the chip).

At first, I was kind of offended someone sent me that shirt as a gift. But now, I feel pretty friggin' awesome whenever I wear it. It's hilarious.

And I admire anyone or anything that can poke fun at being single.

These awesome items, for instance, will make you feel like a (single) BAMF:

This t-shirt:


I'm LOLing.

This hoodie:


Seriously though, how cute is this?

This comfy tee:


... and we're getting serious.

This tote:


For. Real. They cost way less emotionally.

Or this one:


If yummy fried food is more your thing.

This necklace:


Preach it to the world, girl.

And finally, this tank top:


Because if you're not dating anyone at the moment, you have to learn to date yourself.