Jojo Jovanovic

What It's Really Like To Be A Sugar Baby In NYC

Imagine trips across the world, access to a network of wealth and being pampered by someone who appreciates you.

Welcome to the world of sugaring, according to a real sugar baby.

"Sugaring," or a sugar relationship, is a consensual relationship that provides companionship in return for being pampered and looked after in a variety of different ways.

It differs from prostitution and escorting because these sugar daddies are not paying the girls to satisfy their sexual desire. It's a little more complex than that.

Here's the definition of "sugaring," explained by a woman in the business I interviewed:

As the premier sugar dating service, Seeking Arrangement states,

Millennials are facing a completely different world, nothing like that of prior generations. College students are faced with crippling debt and are taking jobs in cities like New York, where it costs thousands of dollars a month to rent an apartment the size of a closet.

It's extremely difficult to be able to live a comfortable lifestyle, so if an opportunity arises to make a large sum of money and be pampered, then why not take it?

The sugar baby explained,

A large majority of individuals out there will think this is wrong, but why?

Our sugar baby has a blunt answer for that:

There are many websites and applications created to facilitate and operate the sugaring world.

Typically, a sugar baby wakes up to a dozen messages a day from new men, especially if she lives in a big city. She is then able to analyze their profiles to see if they are compatible.

Even though it seems as though all sugar babies have an easy life, there are some negatives and unfortunate events that occur with sugaring.

The sugar baby continued,

Sugaring can also be quite hard to balance with a daily schedule. People work, go to school, have internships and extracurricular activities, so to be able to find a time that works for both parties can be stressful.

She continued,

Believe it or not, it actually takes a physical and mental toll. She said,

Despite materialistic benefits, being a part of the sugaring world is like being a CEO of your own company. You learn both entrepreneurial and management skills, just like those of other CEOs.

She elaborated,

The stigma surrounding sugaring should be broken, as it's not as cold as selling your body for sex.

Instead, sugaring provides mentors, friends, new perspectives, networking, opportunities, experiences, and culture on top of a larger wardrobe and fatter wallet. Why do we condemn these girls for taking advantage of a market someone else created?