Finding Guys Who Want Something Serious Is Hard AF, According To 16 Tweets

If you're actively seeking a real relationship, there's nothing more challenging than trying to find guys who want something serious, too. You have to trudge through people who ghost you after three dates, 2 a.m. "you up?" texts, and grimy men on Tinder who say "sit on my face and let me eat my way to your heart." (That last one is a true story.) Wanting a serious relationship, and having to settle for the guy who acts like your boyfriend but refuses to call himself that  — seriously, why do men do this??? — can be a disheartening reminder that love is dead, monogamy isn't a thing anymore, and you will be single forever.

A lot of people think millennials are this flaky generation of new-age commitment-phobes who believe marriage is just a sh*tty institution. But not all of us are like that! Oh, no. Some of us want the whole nine yards — the exclusive relationship, the boyfriend/girlfriend label, the engagement, the wedding, the marriage, and the kids, all 'til death do us part. And that's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, we hopeless romantics should applaud ourselves for believing in a forever kind of love when everyone seems so freaking cynical these days.

Those of us who want a real connection, though, will encounter some struggles. It's just the nature of being a millennial and trying to find love. Here are 16 tweets about finding guys who want something serious that will make you want to cancel dating for good.

When you want love, but you're a man repeller.

When you know what "looking for something serious" really means.

When you wonder if a serious relationship is even that great anyway.

When you know the pain is inevitable.

When he just keeps disappointing you.

When you can't stay away even when he's bad for you.

When you think you can be the one to change him.

When he's a huge assh*le.

When you know it won't work out, but you're going with it anyway.

When they don't even try to look nice for you.

When you have way too many problems for anyone to handle anyway.

When he's being way too transparent about his real intentions.

When everything reminds you of what you don't have.

When you're trying to figure out when to show your real self.

When he really did seem to like you, dammit.

When you've just about had it.

Don't worry. You'll find them.