Guys Admit The Trouble They Got Into At Their Strip Club Bachelor Parties

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If you think your man getting a little too up close and personal with a stripper was the worst thing you had to worry about when they go to a bachelor party, you're wrong.

In fact, it's not always the practically naked person in front of their eyes whom you have to worry about.

Sometimes, it's your man himself.

Whether they get too drunk that the bachelor party turns into "The Hangover" or they end up in a fight with another person at the party, a night out at a strip club doesn't always end with just the loss of a stack of dollar bills.

Check out how these eight guys got in big trouble at their strip club bachelor parties.

1. I didn't pay the bill.

I tried to 'strip club and dash' by not paying the bill at the end of the night. I think we owed, like, $700 between the four of us. It was my best friend's bachelor party, so three us of were going to split it. But I decided to try and sneak out and not pay. It didn't go so well, though. We ended up having to pay and got banned from ever going back.

— Gavin W., 25

2. I drank too much.

I got so drunk, I passed out mid-lap dance at my bachelor party. My friends, like, could not wake me up. When I woke up, I fell over and knocked two full bottles of vodka on the ground. It was a mess.

— Joshua L., 32

3. I tried to kiss the stripper.

I was at my buddy's bachelor party at a strip club, and I had so much liquid courage inside of me, I went up to a stripper, grabbed her face and tried to make out with her. Clearly, it didn't work, and I got kicked out. All the guys were pissed off because they, too, got kicked out, and we had to go home early.

— Cameron C., 28

4. I lied about it.

I told my fiancée we were doing a chill night out for my bachelor party at one of my favorite sports bars. She believed me. But we secretly had a wild night out at a strip club, where we got bottle service and a ton of lap dances. My face was in a stripper's boobs when all of a sudden, I looked up, and there was my fiancée and her friend. She said she checked the sports bar and noticed I wasn't there, and that's when she figured I was at a strip club. She was pissed I lied to her and dragged my butt out of that place. We ended up breaking up and then getting back together six months later because of that night.

— Pete L., 36

5. I spent $1,500.

We went to a local strip club for my bachelor party because I didn't want people to feel like they had to travel very far or spend a lot of money on my party. But somehow, I ended up checking my credit card bill the next day and seeing that I spent $1,500 that night. I guess I wanted everyone to have a fun time, so I ended up buying drinks and lap dances for everyone.

— Dan R., 32

6. I puked on a stripper.

I was drinking so much and didn't have much to eat. I was getting a lap dance from a stripper when I felt the urge to puke, and I puked all over her leg. It was so embarrassing.

— Craig S., 27

7. I got into a fight.

I did the typical "bachelor party in Vegas" thing, and one night, at the strip club, this guy who was also on his bachelor party started mouthing stuff to me about how he was the better groom. I don't know what he said that caused me to punch him in the face, but I did. I got kicked out and arrested. Not such a memorable bachelor party.

— Teddy B., 34

8. I tried to go on stage.

No joke, I must have been drunk out of my mind because, somehow, I decided it was a good idea to take off my clothes, get up on stage and go on the pole. It only lasted for, like, a minute before a giant security guard tossed me off stage and then out of the club with nothing but my boxers on. My friends had this all on film. Did I mention it was my bachelor party?

— Ross V., 28