10 Sketchy Things You Need To Look Out For On A Guy's Instagram

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I met someone whom I thought was a great guy, and I was catching the feels HARD. We would talk every single day and I really thought that it was going somewhere... but I had one reservation: his Instagram.

At first, I thought it was just my paranoia and trust issues. As the relationship progressed, the likes and comments never stopped. On one picture alone, he had at least ten girls commenting about what a babe he was, how excited they were to see him and how they missed him. Again, I dismissed it as nothing.

Then, I wrote something that he deemed to be too “couple-esque” and deleted it. It was nothing but a supportive comment: I called him “bae." He has used this word with me over 2,000 times over text, but all of a sudden because it was public, it was an automatic no-go.

I immediately knew that meant he was talking to MANY many women and didn't want to give the wrong impression to any of them. This is someone who wouldn't hold my hand in public or talk about me to his friends because if he doesn't want to claim me on social media, who's to say he would claim me in real life? That's not what I want out of a man, and I'm sure most women would agree with me.

Whether we like it or not, someones Instagram or social media page is all too telling of who they are as a person. We define our self-worth based on how many likes we get and how many followers we have. And believe this when I tell you, ladies: There are certain traits on a man's Instagram that we should be worried about:

1. The number of followers he has.

Sorry, ladies, if he has over 1,000 followers, more than likely not, he is swimming in women. This particular man had well into the thousands, and 99 percent of them were women.

2. The number of selfies he has.

There was a study done that implicitly stated that the more selfies a man had, the more likely he is to be a psychopath. Gym selfies up the wazoo? No thanks, bruh. Keep it pushin'.

3. The shrine to his ex.

Does his Instagram look like a wedding album? Does he have #WCW posts of his ex 16 Wednesdays in a row? Yeah, he's definitely not over her. Next.

4. The 3,000 pictures of him and the boys at the club.

Bottle service every weekend? Every day? This is a red flag that he's not a productive human being.

5. Incessant pictures of drugs/alcohol.

Sorry, but smoking blunts is not cool to post and neither is doing other drugs in general. Maybe you could get away with that in college, but not in the real world. And more than likely not, this man doesn't have a real job because people with legitimate jobs are worried their boss would see these NSFW pictures.

6. Pictures of him in a different location every weekend.

Do you think a man who is in China one minute and California the next is going to commit to anything serious with you? He's too busy running out of pages in his passport.

7. No pictures with his family.

If you can't find a single picture of his mom on his Instagram, he probably doesn't care enough to post pictures of them. What makes you think he'll care about you?

8. His dog is used as a ploy to grab female attention.

I love dogs. I have a dog. Dogs are the best animal known to mankind. They are our best friends. But if a guy is using his dog for likes and attention, he's more than likely a fuckboy. It's the same kind of guy who has a picture of him and his (or who knows, maybe a rando's) dog on his main picture on Tinder.

Trust me, you'll know what I'm talking about when you see it. It's the same man who holds someone else's baby in order for women to come up to him.

9. Pictures with countless numbers of women, usually consuming some sort of liquor at the club.

On top of the never-ending pictures with his boys at the club, he has dozens of pictures with different women from a night out. The man described above had endless amounts of this, one picture with him in the middle of two beautiful blondes.

Conclusion: Lots of ladies = Lady's man = Player = Fuckboy. Don't believe me? See Dan Bilzerian.

10. Pictures with stacks of money.

I hate guys who do this. They are self-absorbed, materialistic and extremely insecure. They aren't humble in their success, and that's just unattractive.

They say we post our best selves on Instagram, that we want everyone to see the highlights of our life. If these are the highlights of his life, what is his real life like?

Keep this in mind when you are seeing a new guy. From experience, these are red flags to the extreme and we must steer clear of the fuckboys at all times, ladies.