9 Guys Reveal The Worst Marriage Advice They Received Before Tying The Knot


Right before you get married, suddenly everyone around you turns into Dr. Phil. They spew out advice about what marriage will be like, and how to handle the rocky times that will definitely swing your way over the years. But no matter if that advice is coming from family members, close pals or even strangers on the street, not all of it is advice you should run with.

Some of it — actually, most of it — is advice you should roll your eyes at and kick to the curb. Just remember, there are some lessons you need to learn yourself, no matter if that's the hard way, the easy way or just your own way.

Wondering what some awful marriage advice sounds like? Listen to these nine guys confess the worst piece of marriage advice they ever received:

1. Happy Wife, Happy Life

– Matt, 32

2. Always do what she wants.

– Rick, 29

3. Be home every night by 6 pm.

– Henry, 26

4. Say goodbye to your guys.

– Nick, 29

5. Marriage isn't a natural thing.

– Tom, 28

6. You can always leave.

– Aaron, 28

7. If she makes more, you'll feel less.

– Paul, 29

8. Just ignore her.

– Greg, 26

9. She'll be just like her mother.

– Casey, 27