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Guys Reveal 8 Things They All Want To Hear On A First Date


The rules of a first date are usually muddled with confusion and controversy.

The fear and excitement of going out with someone new stands unmatched. The perfect outfit, the right amount of makeup, how to act and what to say are all worries that plague your mind.

It's really hard to be yourself when you dwell on these other factors and are trying a bit too hard to impress the other person.

I surveyed a group of eight men between the ages of 20 and 30 about what they would like to hear on a first date. Their answers might surprise you.

1. Who are you as a person and what truly inspires you.

2. Your likes, dislikes, and hobbies.

3. If the feelings are mutual.

4. What you think of them.

5. If you're open to them.

6. If you're independent.

7. Your experiences.

8. Something that indicates you're genuine.

After looking at the responses, it seems like men aren't as complicated as women assume they are. Good men want the same things good women do—genuine sincerity, trustworthiness and confidence.

If you connect with someone, follow it up with a second date, who knows where it may take you.

This piece was originally published on Unwritten.