Guys In Relationships Reveal How They Play Wingman For Their Friends

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I'm a terrible wingman. Like, really bad. I blab too much, and then I start going off about embarrassing things about my friend, which I find totally endearing.

But apparently, other people just find them really weird and probably inappropriate, and before you know it, my friend and I are both looking at a potential restraining orders.

So... don't take tips from me on how to help get your friend laid.

Who SHOULD you be getting advice from? These five guys below. They've molded the act of being a wingman into an art form... even if they have girlfriends.

That usually complicates things, right? I mean, how do you successfully distract the friend of the girl your buddy's trying to get with if you're already in a relationship and unable to actually flirt with her?

CAN you actually flirt with her even if you're in a relationship? Is that OK, or is that evil? (And I don't just mean evil to your girlfriend. I mean evil to the poor girl you're leading on for the sole purpose of getting your friend some nookie for the night.)

And if you can't flirt, what else should you do? Do you just have a regular conversation with her? Do you just work on physically getting her away from your buddy and his prospect? WHAT IS THE PROTOCOL?

Clearly, I'm no expert here. So take some advice from these five guys.


This guy thinks flirting with "non targets" is a safe call:

This guy doesn't really think flirting is a necessary part of the process:

As long as his girlfriend's cool with it, this guy's flirting with randoms and not mentioning his relationship status:

This guy relies on his instincts:

This guy has a pretty simple (and shady AF) rule of thumb: