Here's A Look Into What Guys Really Do Before A First Date

Don't listen to anyone who tells you first dates are fun. They are anything but.

Usually, they are awkward. Sometimes, they're so bad you try to find any excuse to get the heck out of there.

And quite often, they make you self-conscious, and you hope every word you say won't make you seem like a total bro.

But what most people will admit is, prepping for a first date is always a little nerve-wracking. There's a series of "what ifs" you'll ask yourself and a game plan that you'll review so you know all the different ways the night will go, whether the date is a babe or someone you pray you will never see again.

You probably have a first-date routine of your own, so if you're curious to see whether the rituals you do are things other people do, here are nine guys' first-date routines:

1. Shower, Shave, Suit

I like to look good. I take things up a notch for first dates and put on my finest, even if that means I'm going to show up at a dive bar in a suit and tie. I like to be the best dressed guy in the place. Two hours before, I take a shower, do a shave and pick out an outfit. I think my process is as long as the girls'.

— Henry, 28

2. Blast My Playlist

I made a Spotify playlist with my favorite jams and use that to pump me up before a date. No joke, the playlist is titled, 'First Date Flavor'. I have every kind of music on that playlist from Pitbull to The Chainsmokers. I blast it in my apartment and then plug my headphones into my phone and listen to it as I'm walking to the date.

— Ross, 27

3. Delete Texts From My Ex

I'll be honest, I still text back and forth with my ex. I always like to make sure I clean up my phone before a first date, in case the new girl sees my phone. I go through and delete text message history and even clear my search history on Instagram.

— Kenny, 28

4. Scroll Through Tinder

I like walking into dates knowing that if the person isn't for me, there's someone else waiting just a swipe away. That's why I often pregame with a 30-minute Tinder session. When the first date is over, I come home and check my matches and set up a date a few days later with someone new.

— Victor, 23

5. Do A Quick Google Search

The scary part of online dating is, you never know who you're going out with. I've had so many bros who were scammed and ended up going out with a girl who catfished them or who was off-her-rocker crazy. I do a quick Google search before the date, and if I find out anything bad, like she was arrested or seems strange, I cancel right before.

— Lucas, 29

6. Hit The Gym

I like to look good and feel good. It's that simple. I try to make first dates at 8 pm so it gives me enough time to leave work and hit the gym. I hope she's doing the same thing before our first date, but I haven't found my fitness queen yet.

— Brent, 24

7. Take A Quick Nap

I never know how late the date will go, especially if she's super rad. If the date is on a Saturday or Sunday, I like to take a long nap before and then wake up and drink two cups of coffee. My goal is to always show up with a ton of personality and energy.

— Wes, 24

8. Scope The Place Out

I wonder if I'm the only guy who does this, but I usually get to the date, like, 30 minutes before and scope it out. I check out the menu, get a good table and even see what else is around so we have a bar to hit up after. I want to be prepared, so when the girl arrives, everything is taken care of.

— Seth, 29

9. Give Myself A Pep Talk

I look myself in the mirror and I say, 'Listen, man. Tonight is going to be what it is. Maybe you'll fall in love. Maybe you'll want to run the hell out of there. But either way, try to have a good time.'

— Patrick, 31

And there you have it.