Here's A Look Into What Guys Really Do Before A First Date


Don't listen to anyone who tells you first dates are fun. They are anything but.

Usually, they are awkward. Sometimes, they're so bad you try to find any excuse to get the heck out of there.

And quite often, they make you self-conscious, and you hope every word you say won't make you seem like a total bro.

But what most people will admit is, prepping for a first date is always a little nerve-wracking. There's a series of "what ifs" you'll ask yourself and a game plan that you'll review so you know all the different ways the night will go, whether the date is a babe or someone you pray you will never see again.

You probably have a first-date routine of your own, so if you're curious to see whether the rituals you do are things other people do, here are nine guys' first-date routines:

1. Shower, Shave, Suit

— Henry, 28

2. Blast My Playlist

— Ross, 27

3. Delete Texts From My Ex

— Kenny, 28

4. Scroll Through Tinder

— Victor, 23

5. Do A Quick Google Search

— Lucas, 29

6. Hit The Gym

— Brent, 24

7. Take A Quick Nap

— Wes, 24

8. Scope The Place Out

— Seth, 29

9. Give Myself A Pep Talk

— Patrick, 31

And there you have it.