Guys Reveal Their Top 3 Important Qualities In A Partner And They're So, So Simple

by Candice Jalili

Ever wonder what could possibly be the key to a man's heart? Well, a recent Reddit thread asked dudes about their top three most important qualities in a partner, and BOY, OH, BOY, let me tell you, apparently, a man's heart is not locked super tightly... like at all.

I mean, according to this thread, pretty much all you have to do is be nice, be into him, and, like, be funny. Real tough stuff here, you guys.

But because we're all curious souls, read along anyway and see how freaking easy it is for these guys to be into you.

Always be down to cuddle.

Be emotionally available.

Have a good sense of humor.

Be sexually attracted to him.

Be financially compatible with him.

Communicate like an adult, enjoy hanging with him, and... that's pretty much it.

Be alive. Yeah, the bar is really low here.

Share a mutual love of his D.

Be kind.

Be a... hustler.

Always be willing to learn.

Get along with him.


Well, you guys, as always, JUST BE YOURSELF.

Don't go liking dogs if you're more of a cat person, just because some dude on Reddit said that's hot. Be yourself, and the right dude will like you back.

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