6 Types Of Guys Every Girl Will Eventually Take To A Date Party

by Alexandra Strausman
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Two words: date party. Those words either fill you with joy and excitement, or they bring back previously blacked out memories of sorority formals gone wrong.

It's the time where you get to buy a new dress, kick back with killer pregame tunes and dance the night away. Oh, and you have to invite a cute boy to parade on your arm.

The burning question on your mind during date party season is always "Who do I take?"

There are so many choices. There are the highly qualified, Prince Charming guys, and then there are the not-so-charming, probably-going-to-stay-a-frog guys.

But, no one said you had to play princess for the night. Realistically, we spend way too much time crafting a text that will never say anything more to a guy than, “Date party?”

There are six kinds of guys you will inevitably take to your date functions throughout college: the boyfriend, the hookup, the crush, the friend of a friend, the rando and the fallback friend. Here's the breakdown of what your night will be like if you bring each of these guys:

1. The Boyfriend

The boyfriend is boring and repetitive, but he's also super cute. He loves you, and you for sure love him back. right? Or maybe, he's just "that one guy you dated for a while in college" in the grand scheme of things.

Either way, the comfort level you have with each other makes everything easy. Familiarity makes everything better. He even hands off his phone to your girlfriends to snag a picture of the two of you to send to mom.

His attendance guarantees dancing at the venue and in the bedroom. Or maybe, you both end up passing out in your bed, sans sexy time. Either way, your boyfriend is arguably the best date.

Comfort level: Way up.

Awkward level: You drunk text your mom about how ~sexy~ your man is looking.

2. The Hookup

The one you've hooked up with only a few times is risqué. This date party could be the make it or break it point. The night could go one of two ways: You're either going to have a fantastic night and be happily surprised with how fun this guy was, or you're going to have a miserable time.

You guys have had a few too many drunk nights together where you wake up at the other person's house, and hey, maybe you've even had a planned sober hang out. When he texts you, there's always a cute emoji, and he always wants to know what bar you'll be at.

But, tonight is different. Tonight you won't be getting any "You up?" texts at 3 am because it's already 3 am, and he's already with you.

Since he only knows a few of your friends, this date party seems serious and awkward, but neither of you is willing to admit that. Maybe you shyly get a picture of the two of you, but it definitely can't be posted to Instagram or Facebook. The last thing you need is grandma commenting about who the cute guy is.

Comfort level: Could be worse...

Awkward level: You up?

3. The Crush

This guy is the best date. He's like bringing a bag of butterflies to a fancy venue where you actually did your makeup evenly.

You're excited and giddy about asking him, and then when he says, “Could be fun!” you walk around wide-eyed in fantasy land up until the big day.

You wonder what could come of the night, including what he'll wear, what you'll talk about on the bus, how he'll kiss you, if he'll hold your hand, if he'll walk you home at the night's end and even if you'll invite him in for the post-game hangout. This date is full of hope.

Girls, remember he's coming because he wants to, so go for it! Who knows? Maybe he'll bump up to the "boyfriend" section of this list by the time the next date party comes around.

Comfort level: Second grader handing out cards on Valentine's Day.

Awkward level: Second grader handing out cards on Valentine's Day.

4. The Friend Of A Friend

The friend of a friend is made out to be a friendly, safe thing. Your best friend took his best friend because they've hooked up a few times, and you both are full of moral support. Both of you even encourage your friend's first Instagram photo together.

It's set up as an open-ended night. Anything could happen.

Maybe you two hit it off, or maybe you just make a new friend. There's no pressure to hook up with each other, but if it works out, no one's complaining.

Comfort level: Ayyyyy our friends are DOING IT.

Awkward level: You've both walked in on your friends doing it.

5. The Rando

Easily confused with the friend of a friend, the random set-up is expecting a steamy night. Your love life is dry, and you're tired of the hunt, so you're kind of up for the task.

You put all of your trust in a (hopefully) very good friend who provides you with a 6-foot, not-a-guy-but-a-piece-of-meat kind of man.  His name becomes “That Guy From Spring Formal" in your phone, and this is probably the only time you'll ever see him.

You definitely don't plan on seeing him again, which kind of inclines you to do whatever you want with him. If you see him again, that's impressive.

Remember to always thank your friends because sometimes, they really step it up and put your physical interests first. This is one of those times.

Comfort level: Probably zero, sorry.

Awkward level: Through the roof. Thank God for booze.

6. The Fallback Friend

Lastly, there's the fallback friend. He's great, you're great, but the romance factor is beat.

He knows everyone, so you don't have to worry about his night since the fun is guaranteed. You two go shot for shot at the pregame, and then you dance battle it out on the dance floor as other people and their awkward dates (see: "The Rando") wish they had done what you two did.

He probably passes out on your couch after you beat him home in a skipping contest from the bus because he would never let you walk home alone. For this, you love him.

Comfort level: You just belched in front of him.

Awkward level: None because he doesn't want you, either. It's win-win.

So, out of this list, who's your pick? If this list leaves you uninterested and a little bummed, then just throw caution to the wind and go stag.

After all, who's more fun than you and your best friends?

Comfort level: #Squad

Awkward level: Nonexistent.