Guys Reveal The Times They Ghosted A Girl In The Past And How They Feel About It Now

by Candice Jalili

Ever wonder why the guy who ghosted you did what he did? Moreover, ever wonder if he feels bad about it now?

Well, unfortunately, I can't actually answer either of those questions for you myself because, well, I don't know him and I don't know you.

But, what I can do, is provide you with a little more insight into the potential psyche of the douche who ghosted you in the first place.

In a recent Reddit thread, men were asked to share the stories of times they ghosted women and to reveal how they feel about those actions now.

Sure, it won't be the same as getting to sit across the table from your ghoster to ask him where things went wrong, but maybe it'll give you a little bit of an inkling as to where he was coming from.

He knew responding to her would've been worse than ghosting.

He hopes he never has to speak to her again.

He didn't feel bad about it then, and he still doesn't now.

He regrets dating her, not ghosting her.

Ghosting isn't a big deal to him because it's all virtual.

She moved on, but he still feels guilty about it.

He had no choice but to ghost her, and it still pains him.

He couldn't deal with her meltdown.

He wasn't down for the unsafe sex she was into.

Hey, who knows exactly what went through your guy's head when he ghosted you and how he feels about it now?

At the very least, these answers should make you feel like you're not alone. Because, you know what? For every one of these dudes who ghosted, there is a poor girl who was ghosted without any explanation.